Safuu makes it possible for token distribution to be paid directly proportional to the epoch rebase rewards

By JaksHitam | jaksone | 7 Feb 2022


Financial backers across the globe are pursuing okay high return returns in a flourishing wave inside the innovation area of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and noticing that digital currency overall is opening up additional opportunities across the entire monetary industry. DeFi has created a ruckus among the savviest of financial backers, with most concurring that it has presented probably the most extravagant open doors in an upset of sorts and that digital money has made more moguls throughout the most recent ten years than any other time seen previously. Safuu gives a decentralized monetary resource which rewards clients with a feasible fixed accumulating funds model through utilization of its one of a kind restrictive SAP convention.

SAFUU Auto-Staking
- Auto-Staking
The SAP Auto-Stake highlight is a basic yet state of the art work called Buy-Hold-Earn, that gives a definitive usability for $SAFUU holders.
- Purchase Hold-Earn - By essentially purchasing and holding $SAFUU token in your wallet, you procure rebase awards as revenue installments straightforwardly into your wallet. Your tokens will build like clockwork.

Utilizing a Positive Rebase equation, Safuu makes it workable for token circulation to be paid straightforwardly corresponding to the age rebase rewards, worth 0.02355% like clockwork age time of the aggregate sum of $SAFUU tokens held in your wallet. The rebase rewards are appropriated on every EPOCH (15 moment rebase period) to all $SAFUU holders. This really intends that without moving their tokens from their wallet, Safuu holders get a yearly self multiplying dividends of 382,945.41% for Year 1.


Safuu Insurance Fund
SIF is the abbreviation for the Safuu Insurance Fund which is a different wallet in Safuu's SAP framework. The SIF utilizes a calculation that backs the Rebase Rewards and is upheld by a piece of the trade exchanging expenses that gather the SIF wallet. In straightforward terms, the staking rewards (rebase rewards) which are circulated at regular intervals at a pace of 0.02355% are upheld by the SIF boundary, subsequently guaranteeing a high and stable financing cost to $SAFUU token holders.

5% of all exchanging expenses are put away in the Safuu Insurance Fund which maintains and back the staking rewards given by the positive rebase. SIF Keeps holders protected by :
- Staying away from streak crash through value dependability
- Accomplishing longterm supportability and future development of the Safuu Protocol
- Extraordinarily decreasing drawback hazard

Walk first, 8PM UTC time will be the Pre-launch on PinkSale where everybody will have the chance to purchase $SAFUU tokens. It will be on a the early bird gets the worm premise and in the event that our send off will be in any way similar to what we have seen in different conventions, it will in all likelihood sell out inside a couple of moments. BNB will be the best way to purchase $SAFUU tokens so you should have BNB prepared in your MetaMask wallet at season of Pre-Launch.

Starting Supply - 325,000
Max Supply - 125,000,000,000
Accessible to Purchase on PinkSale Pre-Launch - 200,000
Staying Token Breakdown - 100,000 will be utilized for PancakeSwap to match half liquidity and 25,000 will be utilized for advertising inc; Airdrop and Bounty Campaign.

PinkSale Pre-Launch
PinkSale Pre-Launch Price - 1 BNB = 24.66 $SAFUU ($15.00 per $SAFUU)*
*Current cost 31-JAN-2022
Delicate Cap - 100,000 Tokens
Hard Cap - 200,000 Tokens

APY Interest Yield
Giving our undertaking HardCap is reached on Day 1. Theoretically in the event that we don't get all financing for 7 days for instance, the APY would not begin until after this time. We want to ensure that ALL financial backers have asserted their tokens on PinkSale so their $SAFUU tokens are sitting in their own wallet and thusly will get the APY interest rewards. Whenever we have started the Safuu Protocol to begin the APY cycle, it can't be stopped or halted which is the magnificence of Safuu, so in all reasonableness we will undoubtedly stand by 24 hours to give everybody plentiful opportunity to guarantee their tokens. ʻʻ All Safuu holders are rewarded with automatic compound interest which is paid every 15 minutes. ʼʼ

The Safuu Team is included profoundly regarded gathering of 5 blockchain/strength/dApp/web designers, 3 advertising master's, and our popular CEO Bryan Legend. We have many contacts in the cryptosphere permitting us to handily arrive at forces to be reckoned with and gain an edge versus our rivals. It is additionally essential to take note of that we will be hoping to grow our group size after we have gotten fruitful subsidizing from our impending pre-send off which will permit us to quickly extend the Safuu brand.

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