Reactions from my son to masks now!




Honestly it cracks me up to take my son out into public where people are wearing masks and some people are not. when covid19 really started and hit big my son was only 4 months old. My fiance was working at giant eagle on scalp avenue and masks had not been issued yet. My fiance was leaving the house taking a mask and wearing it at work. A few of his co workers started laughing at him and making smart ass remarks and comments because they thought my fiance was taking covid19 to seriously. Well the workers all two days later all started wearing masks. I need to say I was most of the time in giant eagle when I was pregnant when my fiance was working, I would wait for him to get off work sometimes. I started wearing a mask around my son for the first time in the store and he tilted his head sideways  and looked at me with the look of okay what are you doing now mom? lols. Then my son sees his dad with a mask and was always wondering what's going on? The people he knew without masks were not with masks and he does not know anyone. My fiance had this one coworker that my son really knew well. She would take off her mask and he would smile, laugh, and giggle. Now that masks are being lifted in some areas of the state, my son looks around like with the look of the new normal, its funny and amazing how he is learning about this new day and age we are now living in. My fiance and I put a mask on him fit for his face an he wore it for a like a second and took it off. My fiance and I then bought a full mask face protector of the character of a lion for children, He loves it actually, he will wear it for the longest maybe almost a minute. Well my fiance and I are fully vaccinated but our son is not and we want him to know that he has to wear a mask to stay safe for his health in this covid 19 world we are now living in, until he is old enough to get his shots himself. 

But to everyone that does not think covid 19 is not real, it indeed is real, and covid 19 takes lives every second, minute, and hour. I hear people talking about it is just like the flu, or it is just like getting a really bad cold back in the old days. Well actuality no it is not like those at all. Yes the flu did kill many back in the old days but back in the day just like now they came out with an injection. But covid 19 is real, My fiance and I have taken both our shots and have had minor side effects. I do encourage those who want to get the vaccine to go and get it, it will help your body fight this covid 19. I also know that there are new strains of covid 19 coming out, and everyone is wondering what about the shots we just took, well we are all in the same boat of question, only time will tell what will happen next.



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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

I am Chantel, born & raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I grew up in a small town called Ka'u. I loved going 2 the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, & love my animals ,I love to sing & write my own songs. I now am married have a 3yr old&live in PA


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