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What is Fractional Reserve Banking and why is it A Biggest Scam in Financial History.

By CrSanity | Irregular Format | 21 Mar 2023

How to hide a Ponzi Scheme in plain sight?

Fractional Reserve Banking is a simple procedure, which banks utilize to generate income. It involves lending out a part of money deposits of bank clients, as well as buying bonds and investing. 

While commonly it is not a problem, because of the number of people using bank services, and the liquidity provided by those people, it can cause major complications which could lead to a financial crisis. 

The last time we have seen such a crisis was in 2008, with the Lehman Brothers and Global Financial Crisis, where FRB lead to a grotesque financial bubble that was followed by worldwide financial implosion.

And yet here we are, 15 years later, fighting with the same problems, caused by the same people, because of the same reason.


FRB is unacceptable in Cryptocurrencies, and the whole idea was to avoid such deathtraps. 

But we all want to protect our businesses, so Legacy Finance took Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as a target and an explanation as to why their atrocity decided to faint again.

But more and more people start to realize that Crypto exists to fight unfairness and insincerity. The crypto landscape is vast and contains many projects, many of them legitimate, some less. 

This second group is an argument in Traditional Financier's offensive because they lack the argument to undermine Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the bigger chains.

But Crypto is undoubtedly here to stay, and their communities will grow as well as their applications.

What are your thoughts? Share them with me in the comments.


None of the information in this article should be considered financial advice, it's my analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.


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