Surfing the net a bit more securely

By ircrp | ircrp | 8 Oct 2020


With Cyber threat on the rise the concern of using the internet more securely and privately appears to be recently a bit more elevated amongst the general public. The following highlights a few techniques which can be followed aiming at keeping one's privacy and security to a little better degree.

  • Stop using your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) default Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, but then don't end up using DNS of someone like Google. Whilst this doesn't prevent the ISP from knowing what you do on the net and only slightly makes it harder, the point is to prevent other third parties from sniffing on your activity. This can be achieved by switching from the default DNS configuration to a provider like OpenDNS
    • To prevent even ISP from sniffing around your activity you can use VPN
  • Connect through Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain a decent degree of security and privacy looking out for companies which provide no log policy, meaning that those companies do not store any VPN connection details on their customers, for example ProtonVPN currently provides those features on free basis.
  • Start using a Web Browser which automatically secures and encrypts the communication by elevating to HTTPS everywhere. With some browsers like Firefox offering plugins like HTTPS Everywhere, some browsers like Brave do come with this feature already built-in. 
  • As annoying as they are, try to not neglect updates. Not to suggest you should always try to keep up with updates as soon as they come out, but perhaps at least try not to put yourself in a situation where you switch off an auto updater and then go on multiple months of not checking up on a security update.


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