Brave Rewards not crediting for shown ads

By ircrp | ircrp | 4 Oct 2020


Since about the beginning of the month of September 2020 Brave Community forums has seen an influx of Brave users complaining about the fact that they are being shown ads, however their Brave Rewards section is not counting those ads and therefore not awarding customers with BAT tokens.


  • A Brave user has reported the issue highlighting that even though his 7 day ad history has been populated correctly he is still observing none being counted towards the monthly rewards.
  • Many Brave users have starting contributing towards the opened report with comments explaining and highlighting the same issue.
  • With influx of users reporting the same issue, Brave Support has confirmed that the case is being investigated by their developers
  • A Brave Developer has replied with information that a server-side change was performed asking the Community to confirm if the issue is resolved
  • Several days of confirmations from the Community has continued with majority claiming the issue is still unresolved
  • Brave Support has requested their Community members to contribute to the case by jumping on a call with Brave Support & their developers to share screen highlighting/reproducing the issue.
  • A confirmation from Brave Support was communicated that the root cause of the issue has been identified and a fix is being worked on as a high priority.


From my own experience I have seen the Brave Rewards in most days not crediting me for the ads shown, however there were some days where it has suddenly started working (but then day(s) later stopped).

Based on the findings above, I am quite optimistic that a resolution to the issue will be achieved some day this month. However I would limit my optimism in regards to all the ads that I have seen and haven't been credited, with most likely all of those credits gone.


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