Brave finally catches up to iOS 14 Default Browser feature

Brave finally catches up to iOS 14 Default Browser feature

By ircrp | ircrp | 26 Sep 2020


Futher to the previous post highlighting that Setting Brave as a Default Browser was not yet possible, Brave has caught up with the latest release making it finally possible. This post will highlight a bit more technical details on what has caused the delay and what was done by Brave developers to bring the new feature to live.


As a quick re-cap on 16th September 2020 the iOS 14 release has finally rolled out, with many Brave users taking on to Community forums on the day asking why are they still unable to choose Brave as their Default Browser to find out they need to wait for next Brave Browser update. As of 25th September the update that was promised has finally been rolled out to the App Store making it finally possible.


The reason users of Brave were not able to set their Browser as the Default one was due to Apple's requirement of including an entitlements file specifying that the app can act as the user's default web browser.



To be fair to Brave, their developers have introduced the necessary changes in their source code on the 9th of September and whilst I can't find any information about the exact submittion of the release to Apple I would assume they would've been done with it latest by 11th of September and wouldn't be surprised if they have even submitted it on the same day. Ultimately the change the developers had to perform was simply an addition of 30 lines of XML code.



This case seems to highlight that even if you have a very trivial code change in your iOS app, ultimately you are at the mercy of Apple in terms of when the change will be reviewed and approved or rejected and for this case the estimated waiting time was two weeks. 




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