Apple forces Brave to stop rewarding its iOS users with BAT tokens

Apple forces Brave to stop rewarding its iOS users with BAT tokens

By ircrp | ircrp | 10 Dec 2020


Effective with the latest release v1.22 of Brave Browser for iOS affecting its iPhone and iPad users will stop rewarding its users with Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens and offer the tipping services. The change comes after the company has faced Apple Store compliance issues with allegedly not complying with the latest guidelines in terms the application offering the tipping services, further targeting the the BAT token rewarding services for users attention.

  • The issue was raised initially by Apple around the iOS 14 release reporting on that the Brave Browser application is not compliant on both iPhone and iPad versions in regards to the Guidelines 3.1.1 and 3.2.2 section.
  • The section 3.1.1 focuses on preventing apps from allowing services to tip other person, company or a service unless what is being transferred originates from Apple in-app purchase.
  • Furthermore Apple has targeted Brave through the section 3.2.2 with regards to allowing the application to reward its users with BAT tokens in the first place, with the section preventing something loosely termed as "tasks for cash".
  • The users who have accumulated BAT tokens on their iOS devices will be able to see a new option in the upcoming release with an ability to transfer their tokens to a Brave desktop browser
  • With departure of the rewards users of Brave Browser on iOS will still be shown privacy respecting ads (if the users choose to opt-in in the first place) with Brave pledging to distribute the pool of unrewarded ads tokens as donations for Brave Creators.


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