Uniswap site was down because of dependency on Cloudflare, is this really a big problem ?

By ircrp | ircrp | 15 Nov 2020


Days after Critical Etherum services go down leading to some users being unable to interact with Uniswap via Metamask as a consequence of its default node provider Infura going down for several hours, there appears to have been yet another issue this week some have faced in the early UTC hours of 14th November this time directly related with frontend interface.

  • The Uniswap team has posted a tweet highlighting outage due to issues with Cloudflare a 3rd party provider for protecting Uniswap site, with the team reassuring its community about the ongoing problem, its root cause and variety of feasible workarounds while the official site is down.

  • With the issue affecting just the frontend and not the smart contracts, those who found out the workarounds were able to resume trading swiftly on non official Uniswap sites such as
  • Perhaps one of the eye openers for me during this issue was the beauty of how the community has came together and instead of whining and bi***ing were more interested into solving the issue by re-hosting the open source uniswap-interface project on non official sites or even locally, which has allowed some to resume trading and in my opinion more importantly educate about this being possible.
  • With that, I believe the situation has highlighted that although down times to the main gateway ( are uncomfortable, perhaps at the end of the day the most important thing is that the main gateway being down does not result in a halt to Uniswap trading, since relatively easy workarounds can be used.


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