The Sudden Surge Of Binance Coin (BNB) - Are You Aware Of It?

The Sudden Surge Of Binance Coin (BNB) - Are You Aware Of It?

Yesterday, March 24, 2019 this Cryptocurrency from Binance, one of the top trading site / exchanger has hit the highest exchange value this 2019 with US$17.33 (data from

Were you able to secure a great amount of profits since the longest period of time within this year the value is only 5-10 USD? I really hope so since you can also generate free coins by sharing your referral links when you signed up to Binance trading site itself. If you know how to do a simple trading process then once you were able to catch the attention of your friend and colleague to the broad world of cryptocurrency, do not hesitate to teach them what you know and guide them just like the way you have done the process.

Doing the trade on your own is the safest way to earn money and avoid the fraud from peer to peer transactions.


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I have started to trade with Binance the time I needed to exchange my Byte Coin (BCN) earnings from EoBOT. During this time, BCN has reached a major surge of 600%! Yes! You read it right, multiplied to SIX times! The said surge happened last May 08, 2018 (11 months ago). I have created a steemit post about it since it was my first ever Crypto-Log (just like vLog) if you are somehow interested please check it out here.

If you also wanted to start trading using the platform under my referral link, please do not hesitate to click this link and start trading.

> Binance Registration

Share you referral link just like what I am doing to earn 20% commissions out of the trading fees of the friends you have invited.

You may also download the apps on Google Play Store so you can be able to do simple trades or exchange your digital assets anytime and anywhere.

It is also safe because aside from it is generating 2Fa, it also has Google Authy for more secured transactions and you will get a low amount of risk losing your money from unauthorized access. BNB coin is already within the top 10 cryptos in the main market so it is most likely gonna step up in terns of trading volume since many people have already found its usability and profitability at the moment.

If you already have a Binance account, there are a lot of ways to earn here aside from our regular trades. Here is the front page of the website.



Here they are:

  • iOST Trading competition with 10,000 BNB Give-away.
  • 50% OFF to each of your trading fees per transaction.
  • 0% - ZERO percent Deposit Fees only for British UK Pounds and Euros.
  • Double the referral rewards instead of the normal 20%, now it is 40%.
  • Quiz challenge with amazing rewards about phishing and account security.
  • Bug Bounty
  • Over The Counter Services

Grab these amazing possibilities to earn more!

Again if you still don't have an account and wishes to start trading from the site that let's you generate the Top 7 crytpocurrency nowadays, then it is still not too late to learn how to do simple trading. Register here: Binance Registration.


Thank you so much for reading my blog post about Binance coin under the Topic: "Introduction To CryptoCurrencies". I love sharing viable information on all the cryptocurrencies I that I have personally traded myself and the let my readers know how useful these digital assets are when we hold (HODL) these. It is definitely not too late for us to buy a few of this coin but right now, most people are still making the most out of the SELL.

Follow me for more intruging but interesting posts that I will share to this wonderful platform where both readers and writers earn crypto in BNTY.

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See you on my next post! Thank you so much for supporting me!


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Introduction To CryptoCurrencies
Introduction To CryptoCurrencies

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