Steemit's Latest Update: All Users Are Logged Out

Have you been informed? If you were also using steemit before then get surprised if your PC / Tablet or mobile device is logged out automatically. You will then have to log back in using your posting key. I use my master key and this is the only time I copied all my my keys for different actions I will do here.

The update is de-escalated by Steemitblog 10 hours ago from the time of posting here in publish0x.

The topic is about the condenser split in which all users will be opted to use the Posting key for our everyday blog creations, comments, replies and upvotes. For all wallet-related activities will then let us only use the Active keys that we have. I will post a follow up and update everyone if I was still able to use my master key from doing all these major activities here on this site.

Too bad for bots which constantly plague the platform, they will now have a hard time re-logging back their accounts on steemit and do their upvtoings to their own posts.

Here is the link for this steemit update for split condenser.

Important Changes to and Wallet

What can you say about these changes?

For me, it is a good thing that they have logged out everyone so that the users who really played fair here will have the chance to still really earn from the quality of posts that we share and not because they are just being supported with a few number of bots who do the auto-votes in just a few minutes being published on the site.

I am guessing that the use of Master-Keys whenever you use Steem-connect which enables us to use the steemit condensers will most likely have our log in details from those sites/apps/dApps. If we only just use posting keys for our log ins and just use the Active Keys only on steemit then our accounts will not get compromised.

It is also time for us to follow all the community members who never lost hope on Steemit despite of the cryptocurrencies diminishing values until now. They are most likely are the ones who will post a comment and it is a great way for us to follow all of them and let ourselves be followed too.

You may click this link to follow me directly as well on Steemit.

I hope everyone here is enjoying the rest of the week. For your thoughts and concerns, please post it as a comment here and will be very glad to respond. I am happy here in publish0x platform sharing our valuable contents. I also love steemit so I must share this important update to my fellow steemians. Thank you for reading my post.

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