Bounty0x Token Cash-Out Here In Publish0x
Bounty0x Token Cash-Out Here In Publish0x

It's always been an amazing experience to earn certain cryptocurrencies for FREE even it would just involve our time, effort and lots of resourcefulness whenever we delve into certain legit programs such as Publish0x. Today it's a Hot Sunday and matching this warm temperature with an extremely important topic as well with a cash out. It has been one whole month since I have been with this program and glad to share my second Pay-Out from all the efforts I put into this platform sharing, tipping and acknowledging other authors masterpieces.

It really pays to get amazed and create a genuine connection with great content contributors here on this site.

Without further ado, I will just do the same thing as what I have done with my first cash out and just skipping the part of editing my ERC20-Ready ETH wallet ID because it has already been saved here on Publish0x.

By the way, Thank you so much for the support I have gotten from Igor Tomić and also Niklas Spille-Scheich for their comments which makes this platform really encouraging.

Let's get it on!

If this is your first time to process a cash out then please check my step-by-step guide or comprehensible walk-through here:

First Cash Out Process Here On Publish0x

and for the proof it really went to my MyEtherWallet. Check this out: First Cash Out Proof - A Spark Of Motivation

Let's start!

Go to your dashboard and click payments.

Then you can also see here all the earnings you got from your posts and giving tips to the authors.


Click the Withdraw Button and afterwards this will show up, A confirmation page that you wanted to withdraw your balance.

We don't have the option to enter what amount we want to cash out but the whole balance itself.



Click Confirm Withdrawal

Then this will appear to your screen


I still havent reached the minimum amount to withdraw in HYDRO so I'll just go ahead and wait till I reach the required amount which will then be equal to $0.50 in reference to the number of HYDRO to proceed with a cash-out. Continue to post amazing write-ups and genuinely connect to the amazing authors here.

Might as well check our email for the confirmation


And yes there is a notification that we processed a withdrawal from publish0x. It is not a confirmation link though so let's just wait for the approval of the admins from this site. It will show up after a few hours that it was approved.

From the screenshot as well with my email, it only then proves that I am creating an engaging comments to most publish0x writers here that I have also been notified that the author or somebody has replied to my comment(s).

We need to let other people feel that their efforts are appreciated as well by fellow amazing writers. We are not the center of the Solar System and it is not only us who are good, there are others too. So, lets not be selfish to post comments and tell our fellow writers what we gained from their efforts sharing their write-ups. Or the things we want to know more for further information from what they have posted.

Going back to the process:


There we see the amount of BNTY that I have withdrawn. I have done it today because the distribution of the BNTY Tokens is during Monday afternoon UK-Time. Around 10:30 PM here in the Philippines. See the arrow on the left side.

Why so many BNTY and not much HYDRO to withdraw?

It is because I have gained most BNTY before April 1, 2019 just before HYDRO is now available to be sent as tips. Like 490 BNTY Tokens.

We are getting a fixed percentage of what we are giving and receiving from the single tip we process.

This is according to one of our developers here as a screenshot:


Check out that discussion here where I have asked everyone which is better for the tips.

Which Is Better For The Tips, BNTY or HYDRO?


For now, it's great because we are receving both Tokens.

Let's just all be thankful. Though asking why or clarification is not bad at all. 

Thank you so much for reading my posts from this Second Pay Out Write up. Have a blessed week ahead.

Follow me here on Publish0x and let's rock this site in a good way!



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