Bitcoin Cash Surge in 24 Hours Today - Astounding 50%

Bitcoin Cash Surge in 24 Hours Today - Astounding 50%

Bitcoin Cash (BCH). My favorite cryptocurrency ever! Were you able to get a good position buying this coin several months or even days ago or probably lying in your coinpot from all the faucets you have done eversince. Well, check all your exchangers now and SELL a huge chunk of your holdings!

The accelleration of the major coins' values in USD at the moment is still in place so let's get the most out of it.

On screenshot at the time of writing,


This awesome cryptocurrency has shown a whooping $90 change in value within 24 hours only from $185 up to $275.


The highest rate of change both in USD and BTC value in the Top 100 Coins listed on coinmarketcap. Please check your preferred exchangers for the rates because it also differs in values.


Congratulations to all BCH holders and let's SELL some units that would not frustrate us if the price continues to surge.

Thank you everyone for supporting my posts and more success to our trading activiites!

Follow me here in this amazing platform publish0x and let's rock the site in a good way.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - A Memorable Trading Experience For Me

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me!

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