The United States Congress Is Really Bad

I know, not the greatest title.  I have written before, about the amount of money the federal government spends here in the United States. I even pulled some numbers in a past post. A quick recap, in the 1920s, the federal government spent about 200 dollars (inflation adjusted) a year for every American citizen. Now that number is about 11,000 a year per person. That is a crazy and unsustainable number.  I have also written about the share of just the interest payment on the debt per person, which is about 200 dollars a month. These are citizens, not taxpayers. So those of us actually paying have a larger portion.

So what is my point? The average person doesn't care, or I should say doesn't equate the problems in their financial life back to these things. I don't blame them either. Even with this crazy government debt and surplus spending, we still live pretty good here in the ol' USA.  I mean, a pound of Italian sausage is now 10 dollars at my local grocery store, but, so what? If no one cares, I won't rant on that too much, my point here is more about how we got in this situation that if not currently, will soon have devastating affects?  Most of us here are familiar with the long term financial problems that arise from a democracy, or more specifically in our case a representative republic, a form of democracy. In short, people vote in politicians that will give them the most free stuff, and soon that government runs out of other people's money. 

So how did we get here? We had a pretty good run. Our founders wanted to make it as hard as possible for decisions to be made at the federal level.  Any move in the federal government had to pass through the House, then the Senate, then the Executive branch. If it made through all that, the Judicial branch could step in if overstepped our Constitution.  On top of that, any real change needed to be ratified by the states. 

What happened? Two big things, in my opinion. First, the two party system and compromise. Without any real third party challengers at the federal level, two parties took control. This didn't start off too bad. People could vote their ideals without having to learn a lot about individual candidates. What we have seen, though, is that the parties at one time fought each other to get things done. Both sides would have to give up something to the other to get legislation passed. In short, they had to compromise.  This is not the case as of late. Instead of giving up items, compromise has led to both sides letting each other have what they want to get bills passed. With the introduction of omnibus bills and ongoing resolutions, there is no reason not to let everyone have what they want to get legislation passed. And this is paid for with deficit spending.

The second issue, the rise of Executive and bureaucratic power. These to levels of government should have little to no power to affect the rules and lawmaking in the federal government. This has not been the case over the last 80 years.  The EPA can make sweeping rules (Laws) that affect the free market, the president can spend tens of billions wiping out student loans, oil pipelines can be shut down with the stroke of a pen, immigration rules can be written or ignored with no congressional oversight. Now I am not here to say whether any of these are wrong or right, but, they belong to Congress to decide. No rule or regulation that affects the country as whole should see the light of day unless congress debates and votes and then sends it to the president.  It is meant to be a hard and long process. The whole idea is that the federal government shouldn't act in most cases. 

Anyway, buy crypto to protect yourself, or gold, or be a prepper. I really don't know.  I would say vote, but, that won't help.

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