Heavy Gear - Elite Southern Militia Squad

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 13 May 2021

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Here are some Dream Pod 9 (DP9) miniatures that I bought around 1998. It was an absolute joy to assemble them and paint them and I did some nice customisation on them also.

Heavy Gear Southern Militia unit custom

Heavy Gear Southern Militia Squad    

Those miniatures were bigger than the newer ones. I prefer the older ones as it gave more opportunity for customisation. I have customised most of them, often by adding extra weapons and also by adding small dents on their armour. I painted them in desert camouflage and highlighted the dents and scratches to their armours.
Looking at them now I feel like I should redo/finish some of them. Eventually...

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Important to be noted here: I had created a banner or a standard, which was attached to the back of the first model in the centre. I lost the banner. I need to recreate the banner. To do that, I will need to retrieve some data from the PC game Heavy Gear. In there I should be able to see the banner I had used as inspiration. It's maybe "Black Legion" or something similar. Anyway, I will be happy to post more of those once I have reinstalled the banner and/or repainted them.
Heavy Gear Southern Militia unit custom: King Cobra

Heavy Gear Southern Milita - King Cobra

I'm pretty sure I used spare decals for warplanes to make the 4 little yellow decals on the King Cobra model. I also added a gun. Obviously, the two missiles on the should rack of the model standing behind King Cobra is also a customisation. Again old warplanes spare parts. Some the weapons added to the units come from either GI-Joe, Transformers or Warhammer 40K.
Heavy Gear Southern Militia unit custom

Heavy Gear Southern Militia  - Heavy weapons specialist

On the model above, I added a chainsaw from a WH40K sergeant under the Gatling machine gun. I also think that the cannon he holds in his left hand normally is mounted on his back. But that gear is elite so he carries heavy weapons wherever he pleases. The models could use some detailing because many mistakes are visible on the pictures. Spots were left white, colour differences, details not picked out, errors, the "eyes" should also be redone.

Art is long and time is short! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

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