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By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 2 Jul 2022

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Today, I present the last of my series of articles on pieces of miniature scenery that I built in the past. All the pieces that I have shown and described in recent articles were built by myself around 1993 and 1994.

In the years that followed that period of my life, I accumulated a sizeable High-Elves miniatures army, which I will present in the future. It is a work in progress as many of my miniatures have not been painted yet.

The battlefield ornaments create diversity, add chaos, provide cover and just embellish the scenery overall. That's why I created a good dose of them over the years and eventually, I can start to publish articles which will combine previously shown pieces together. For today, I focus on another pieces of Gothic architecture in the form of a destroyed building and the foundations that are left standing, along with a simple rock with beautiful sharp lines. I hope you enjoy!

Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. --Fyodor Dostoevsky


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Building Wreckage as a Fortification

Building wreckage as a fortification (miniature scenery modelling) - WH40k

(Above: Building wreckage as a fortification (miniature scenery modelling) - WH40k)

The printed cardboard piece was taken from Warhammer 40k's 2nd edition boxed game. It came with those cardboard pieces but I did prefer to ground them onto a base and add further interest to the piece with plaster and other elements.

Here, I added plaster to hold the piece of cardboard and to form slopes which would form as debris and dust piles up on the sides of the wall. I added some additional grass on top of the platform, in the corner, to give the impression of vegetation growing over the structure.

Gothic building fortification in ruins - Cover for some

(Above: Gothic building fortification in ruins - Cover for some)

I also added a barrel to further the impression and credibility of the scene. See the top photo to see the barrel.

One interesting aspect of this piece is that it allows for multiple fighters to take cover behind it. The small platform offers a perfect vantage point which provides cover and line of sight to the enemy.

A Gothic cathedral fortification mounted on a base

(Above: A Gothic cathedral fortification mounted on a base)

As I look back on the details, I can see multiple improvements that could be made. The corner of the column could have been closed and then painted. Also the platform is sticking out because of how it is built and those thin pieces of cardboard sticking out could be cut off.



An Angular Rock

This is my favourite polystyrene miniature rock. I like it because I wanted those angles to be sharp and to give an overall "chunky" look to it.

Rock made with polystyrene foam painted for scenery

(Above: Rock made with polystyrene foam painted for scenery)

I am proud of the way it turned out and it is one of the smallest but one of my favourite pieces. The flag surface is engineered to hold a miniature on its top as is visible in the image below.

A Space Marine (WH40k) is positioned on top of the rock

(Above: A Space Marine (WH40k) is positioned on top of the rock)

Even larger miniatures (large than the Space Marine displayed here) can stand on the rock. Again, as with previous polystyrene foam pieces, all I did was carve it out with a knife, then I glued it onto the base and finally I painted it and glued the grass flock on top of it, pressing it in firmly.

Finally, I can showcase a combination of some past elements, like the Large Hills presented in the last article, along with this new element. I like the results. Do you?

Large Hill with some rocks built on top of it combined with another rock

(Above: Large Hill with some rocks built on top of it combined with another rock)

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to list my other miniature articles here as they are all related and were all published here in the past. Go check them out:

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Thumbnail for Large Hills over the Battlefield

Modular river

Thumbnail for Module 20 & 5 Barrels



Coming Up Next

I have covered almost all of my scenery in the last series of articles that I published and now is the time to move on. I have much more topics that I want to cover and most pressing is a topic that I suggested to my sponsors a while ago and one answer was to write on Castles and Fortifications, a topic that I love very much. So that will be my next article. Stay tuned for more! And subscribe here to my blog.

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