A futuristic module with the marking "20" on it and a blue Space Marine at the bottom

Module 20 and 5 Barrels

By The Archivist | Intelli Gaming | 11 Jun 2022

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Over the years, I have accumulated many pieces of scenery which allow me to add variety and interest on any tabletop battlefield. Warhammer (both Fantasy and WH40K) are played this way - on top of a table with possibly a green mat and various scenery elements. Check out Games Workshop for more information about those games. Also, you can check out my Intelli Gaming Introduction Post.

What some of the modules are used for is up to your imagination! I have yet to paint some of those modules and I've held them for many years now but I will work on them eventually.

Thus I continue my exploration journey to showcase all those modules that I built in the past. Here are some more. Enjoy!

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Module 20

The first module is called "20" because of the sticker that I put on it. That sticker either came from a GI Joe toy or from a model aircraft. Model aircraft and helicopters tend to have many such stickers.

Resin module named

(Above: Resin module named "20" (miniature scenery))

This module was built around 1994. I had purchased many so called "modules" made of resin. I really liked the detail on those modules and it lent itself perfectly to be mounted on a small base.

Resin module named

(Above: Resin module named "20", different angle (miniature scenery))

To make the base, I first cut a circular base with thin polystyrene foam. Then I wedged the edges to create a smooth transition.

After that, I applied some glue on the module and glued it on top of the base. Then, I added some plaster to cover the base and surround the Module 20. Finally, to create the texture, I used an existing miniature to imprint its base into the plaster before it dried.

Resin module named

(Above: Resin module named "20", with a Space marine (miniature scenery))

I then painted the base and the module itself. Finally, glue diluted with water was applied all over the base and I applied some grass flock generously to stick in the glued areas.

In the image above, you can see a Space Marine Ultramarine, painted in the army's typical ultramarine blue. This marine is standing on the base next to the module. Below, I show more modules to be worked on in the future!



New Modules and 5 Barrels

Resin modules used for battlefield scenery

(Above: Resin modules used to do battlefield scenery, unpainted.)


When I saw those modules for sale, I could not resist. I have kept them all those years because it will be a pleasure to paint those. I will post the results and the process here in due time. Much more to come!

Resin modules used for battlefield scenery

(Above: Additional modules in resin for miniature tabletop gaming, unpainted.)

I also have additional military items such as barricades, jerry cans, barrels, sand bags, small arms and heavy infantry weapons.

Below, I show a group of barrels which I grouped together and glued onto small bases. This way, they are easier to move and provide more variety of scenery to choose from.

Miniature barrels used for battlefield scenery

(Above: Miniature barrels used for battlefield scenery, painted grey with green grass flock on the ground)

Those barrels are probably older than 35 years. I should add more rust on them and more paint scaling on the edges. Oil spills would also be nice.



Coming Up Next

The next articles will continue looking at more miniature scenery elements that I have built over the years. I am nearing the end of the series and it will be good to move on to other things after I am done. But I am proud of being able to document the creation and the elements themselves in this blog. Thanks for your time! Subscribe now so you don't miss out future content. Much more is coming! Thanks for your time.


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