Q, Quantum Global Financial System Reset: IRUUR1 Interjects

Q, Quantum Global Financial System Reset: IRUUR1 Interjects


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Q – Intro of Quantum Financial System and Global Currency Reset – VIDEO


q  is an activist group which claims, extraterrestrial guidance and an affinity with the current U.S. President


IRUUR1 advances the concept of infinite possibilities, reasoned to greater probabilities, leading to temporal actualities. This is the process of mutation from possibility to actuality in nature. The creative process is ruled by the purpose and value of greater Unknown Being. In other words, each identifiable thing in nature is an aspect of greater possibility, value and purpose. This extends to include individual People.

Purpose and Value of Q

Q speaks to those who see an authoritarian global system coercing your liberties in order to ensure your safety.  The consumers of Q know such a system is a one way ticket back to the caves, for the People. The system wants your dependency on it for the basics like health. 

A system of Control Example Vaccines

For instance, vaccines. Vaccines can be good. but they are not generally needed by most people to save their life.  If you can't make the vaccine, but in order to live "safely" and legally, in the social order you must have one, whether you are healthy, need one, want one, or not you become a slave. You are forced to give up your rights to your body, and all your activities in the social order, to interests not your own. 

The Authoritarian System Is Unsustainable

The streamlining of the species envisioned by the central banking planners, through augmentation and elimination of tendencies in certain group identities, by the means of a technocratic system, will induce a conformity to ideal, which is unsustainable in nature. Creation and mutation, requires unpredictable adaptability in species in order to sustain the requirements of infinite variety and possibility in nature..

As People awaken to the attempt to control their health, their energy and all other aspect of life beyond their vote, they look for ways and leadership and a plan to guide them to self governance and control of their destiny.

Q's value: Advancing a reasoned outline of specific probabilities based on keen observation and a large data base of known possibilities and actualities.

Q's purpose, unknown.

Q highlights the system of control being increasingly enforced globally. Q does produce credible documets and analysis to back up what they claim is a counter to the current banking strategy in the works. Whether the plan is real or not is not as important as the polices and plans Q proposes for the People. 

IRUUR1 Thought on the Video

Like the vaccine example above, if you cannot access and control in some way the storage and access of your personal and other world gold, any better than you can with the current banking system, then you are buying into another safe slave state of lesser, not greater Being.

This plan needs an infinite number of possible details added to it as it pertains to self governance.


A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity


The Philosophy of Instinctualism Understanding Instinct, Inspiration and Intuition

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