LOST IN UPLAND? Newbies Guide For Must See Properties in Fresno | Woodward Park Bargains


This is IRUUR1 writing an article for PublishOx readers because we want to win this contest, promote what we love and are doing in Upland, and write an article no one else would, based on the virtual real estate vision of Upland. We also think it is a great fun way to promote our site, because even if we put $200 bucks into this as a promotion, we don't really lose anything. We can cash out etc. So why nor promote everything at once and focus on the cheapest, entry level growth area of Upland in Fresno with great tips on hot virtual real estate, in that Fresno property collection neighborhood.


First some full disclosure stuff for business and pleasure purposes., This is a shameless promotion article for Upland, virtual real estate development promotion in Fresno, and IRUUR1 as a developer, self interest  and promoter in Upland. We think doing this is a part of playing the game to the fullest, and we encourage others to do the same.  If you are a person who would spend $100 on a board game, that might be worth $110 or perhaps more at the end of the year, read on. If you spend $30 to $100 on a game in a year, read on as well. You will have fun in Upland if you think long term, and like to analyze stuff for fun and profit. 


If you love to analyze stuff for fun and profit but are broke, read this. If you can get 30 more or less, people to sign up under you, with a few bucks of your own, you can have fun corning the market in any neighborhood in all of Upland if the group has a unified strategy. That is how real world real estate works some times too.

Second full, fun and profit disclosure item. The fun premise here is to write an original Upland article to contribute to the contest and Upland promotion. So we are a developer promoter who wants you to sign up under us and help to support our site. To do this we will offer you free tips and stuff on which we make no Upland UPX, but which we hope will save readers of PublishOx in this article, and Upland players interested in Fresno, time and effort in finding bargains in Woodward Park. We are planning articles later in San Francisco and NYC. 

So here is the shameless promotion link and message they give you for signing up, and we hop you will consider us and our group think, individual override Upland Strategy for fun and pennies or more profit at the end of the year. Unless of course, Upland goes belly up before the end of the year, which is unlikely

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase


Upland Group Think And Individual Override Strategy60865e05ee7bd45b0fb21c4dc3a61bf6820e05d2db7a8f560775b2142f1ac198.jpg

As the Upland platform stays alive, and since it is currently growing thousands of users a week, you lose no money. You can always sell your properties for cash $, through their trading system. An individual or group, forming affiliate partnerships with newsletters, can create fair market value in neighborhoods in Upland, all based on prestige of, and the size indicator on the property. Guides for users to fair market value properties, will help grow you and Upland. Offering fair priced  guides and properties would help starters get going easier, and help Upland develop the game with more features as it grows.

Why This Is An Important Opportunity In The Upland Game

Right now, prices are all over the place in almost all neighborhoods in Upland. This is very confusing and discouraging to newbies, especially those on a budget. A good opportunity then to establish fair market value and guidance in many places. Most of the Fresno area and all Upland areas, have these virtual game neighborhoods with huge price differences. IRUUR1 is promoting Woodward Park in Fresno at present but hold properties in other virtual Upland locals. The free tips here are all at lowest market value in Woodward Park. Owning 3 properties in Woodward Park, gives you a collection in Upland Fresno that gives you more fractions of a penny in UPX every 3 hours in the game. 

Right now properties in Woodward Park Range from about 4000 UPX to hundreds of thousands of UPX's. Often within a block or two or three. of each other. Awesome. This strategy can be used by any person or group. Here is our group/individual strategy, applied to Woodward Park. We hope other individuals and groups will publish game info to help people lost in Upland, find a place to grow.

In Review

Find a neighborhood

Invest, individually or in groups

Find the lowest priced properties, based on unit size and area prestige.

Buy what you can.

Publish free open forum articles and newsletter guides to the neighborhood, to help newbies get oriented and promote Upland understanding, eliminate the lost confusion, broke factor in the game, when you are on your own in Upland with no place to go, This will help romote growth promote growth.


If you are a newbie, please remember to sign up under our handy dandy little link

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase


Here are a few.


This first one is surrounded by higher priced properties. 


These all around 4000 UPX, at good property size. The lowest properties in Woodward Park, are at this price presently.









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