Lethbridge tattoo shop takes Unconstitutional criminal harassment by government, to court


Another small business, is rising to face the attack by the emerging global central bank government, to control Canada's laws and the rights of that nation's People.

Sovereign Rights and the Globalist Agenda On Main Street

The daily attempts by central banks, now funding governments through fiat debt around the world, to execute under law, central bank backed, U.N. Agendas 2021 and 2030, which are a globally coordinated set of agendas, to administer order for every nation, continues in Canada.

Rebel News

Will Woods, the owner of the Peppermint Hippo tattoo shop in Lethbridge, Alberta, has been dealing with ongoing harassment from Alberta Health Services (AHS) and government authorities since the onset of COVID-related restrictions.

Peppermint Hippo Tattoo has been operating in Lethbridge as a respected business for over a decade. They have contributed over $150,000 to the community through sponsorships and donations, and they have never failed a single health inspection. Furthermore, Will told us that AHS have confirmed that...

Lethbridge tattoo shop headed to court after ongoing harassment from public health

At the present level of pushback, it is hard to tell how successful these endangered businesses and people, will be in exercising their rights, in the face of potentially overwhelming financial central bank resources and governmental force.
Closing businesses based on debatable health and safety science, is not the only government instigated, health and safety issue threatening small businesses. Local protections are being dismantled in major globally financed cities in the U.S. and around the world.


Globalists Work to Erode Middleclass, Small Bus Protections as 39 NYPD cops recommended for discipline during riots.

Leave a Comment / Civil AdministrationGlobal AuthoritarianismNWON / By iruur1

There are higher standards, then there are double standards. A year after rioting swept the country’s major cities ostensibly over the death of an accused counterfeiter in police custody in Minneapolis, hundreds of those accused of looting property in New York City are getting off “scot-free,” as a former NYPD chief of patrol put it in an NBC …

The article points out that it not about ignoring and not punishing bad policing and criminally unqualified officers. It is about politicians ignoring the criminality faced in any instance by police and not punishing the perpetrators of crime, and analyzing the crime scene, especially under riot conditions, which forced police to take actions. 

The Criminals

Add political harassment then, by public officials, against constitutionally empowered, local neighborhood safety protection, to the growing number of lawsuits possible under national laws by businesses such as the one in Canada. The consequences of government harassment, are driving local small businesses to bankruptcy. In NYC a global financial hub, the political tactic is to criminalize the local constitutional protections of small businesses, residents, stakeholders and property owners. This primarily attacks the financial underpinnings of the middleclass. Only a political solution around sustainable global goals and politically sanctioned definitions of racial justice, designed in investor financed Ivy League institutions, like Harvard will be enforced locally. This continues, where there is no pushback by the city's general population. What cannot be forced by government on The People, is increasingly defunded. 
However plaintiffs for, and defenders of The People's Constitutional rights in their nations local neighborhoods, must oppose central banks power to print money and pay for their brand of social order if they want to succeed. The investment bankers, daily political economic efforts, empowered by the divided and complacent majority, are guided and executed by social design and enforcement engineers. It requires central banks to print as much money as it takes to advance the globalist agenda of central bank mega investors, in court, in the board room and on the street through funding, training and operational political theater, centered around our current left right driven, legal and civil disruptions.
Central banks if allowed to continue to print money out of thin air, will divide The People and own all assets by driving the middleclass into unpayable debt. Banks will have asset rights, (as most small businesses need bank financing to be in business), on paper, under force of law, and terms of globally coordinated, central government policing. The Federal Reserve and major international central banks, are being allowed to continue printing what they need to defeat the intended protection of individual, real, and intellectual property rights, and freedoms under any interfering law or custom, in any nation, in or out of court.
The Federal Reserve according to public statements by various chairpersons, currently prints over 100 billion dollars, minimum, every month. This debt shows on public books, but not the Federal Reserve private books, which are widely viewed by analysts as being much higher.


Defensible Peaceful Public Protest, and the 30% Solution For Sovereign Rights

Clearly the struggle on the world stage today is what form the evolving potentialities for interconnection of our species, through People's actions around the world will take. Those who are cast in the role of sovereign rights over centralized needs are said to be at a disadvantage, both scientifically and in terms of progressive social evolution.
Perhaps the only way for sovereign rights advocates to slow down the implementation of the current economically, technocratically, politically implemented, asset holder financed, natural and human resource, global social contract system, as designed and increasingly enforced around the world, is a constant series of peaceful but defended, public vigils around the courthouses of decision. It may not assure victory in court, at least at the beginning. However it may cause delays, primarily through a questioning public.
Public inquiries surrounding fraud by government and their hand picked, science officials, primarily are the questions major government/economic leaders through MSM, currently seem desperate to avoid. Those working to stamp out individual rights are observably operating at a feverish, almost desperate pace to force immediate public compliance on many levels. 


Global Science, Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Social Justice In the Hood | Justification

Because the sustainable goals initiatives are publicly defined as scientifically necessary for human survival, it is necessary to question the science and theory around these laws and policies. We are told they are created to define an economic system of rights for The People in that system.  Social/economic justice in a naturally sustainable AI compassed system, based on the latest available science and general knowledge updated daily. This is the future we are currently allowing central banks to debt  finance, and centrally coordinate, by force if required, in order to sustain our species on earth and not destroy the planet.


The Evolving Mutating Universe And The Tenuous Tightrope Of Technocracy

In nature, the need for perpetual centralized control of the global agenda system as designed and increasingly enforced is already obsolete. In nature a system like the genome of our species, can only mutate on the planet and in harmony with the ecological environment, under natural law. That law evolutionarily, cannot be continually controlled centrally in an organism, without, corruption, decay and loss of sustainability in nature. Outlier cells are a natural part of the inherent molecular mathematical code and design, in an organism of our type. Outlier cells are essential for our biological and sociological mutation in the natural environment of the planet.

I Am A Loner. Without Me You Will All Die; Princeton Study


The problem with Technocracy as a political system is that it is like a dog chasing its tail. It simply cannot keep up with itself and eventually wears out. In social science, it produces the Galileo effect. This is an overview of that effect.
History: Galileo | Biography, Discoveries, Inventions, & Facts | Britannica
General Social Overview; The Galileo effect problem, is common in centralized systems, involving the existential application of discovery needed by People and the social order, to grow and adapt in nature. The needs and desires of all persons running the political system, in order to keep the means of science discovery and knowledge held in the hands of those able to protect it and benefit from that protection, get in the way. As new science is introduced, one or more political and economic interests are threatened. The process required for the system to reprogram, and essentially keep pace with the new discoveries in the universe, can't keep up. The need to centrally sort out all the political differences slows things down. At some point it wears out and is replaced. Then new science freedom regains some ground, hopefully before something like a meteor crashes down on you, which could have been neutralized, had your politics kept pace with your own social and hard science needs. 
Awareness of new scientific research contrary to government edict, is already beginning to engage the public. It may be one of the reasons for the rush by the system to force compliance by any means possible, under various forms of martial law. Health and safety for instance, around a disease whose name cannot be mentioned. That is, it cannot be mentioned if health and safety enforcement is openly questioned scientifically in major media.

Tucker Carlson: The COVID vaccine is dangerous for kids, Big Tech doesn't want you to know that OPINION

Tucker Carlson: The COVID vaccine is dangerous for kids, Big Tech doesn't want you to know that


Public documentation, contained in new alternative media reports, of approved for publication peer review studies, concerning scientific questions raised around this pandemic, also climate science, and even dark matter theory, ignored by MSM, are gaining distribution.

The 30% Solution Background, History, Premise

The Public is becoming alarmed by science information censorship and increasingly aware that old climate models, as well as covid health and safety, are now being reviewed in scientific studies and data for serious flaws. The possible lab origins and faulty health measures are now more widely discussed. But covid is not the only science subject under the political microscope.
In the last year alone discoveries found in new satellite and ground based missions around climate science, have offered color to formally climate grey areas in older model data,, that were filled in by over reliance on CO2, and solar irradiance data. Old climate models, comprise much of the scientific basis upon which the current efficient, manageable, enforceable, sustainable, central bank financed, global natural and human resource rights agendas, are designed. The legitimate nature of this science dispute then, in the face of enforcement of rights, is being increasingly understood and the issues raised around it discussed by an ever more skeptical but informed public.


Lethbridge Tattoo Shop And The 30 percenters

In any important impending social transition, those who desire long term order of some kind divide into three groups of 30% of the people, divided around the change. Two groups of 30%, earnestly desire one direction or another and are opposing each other. They are ideological or philosophically driven, The remaining 30% will side with the best possibility for any order which will  win in the end, and not destroy them in an essential way. Their decisions are based on family, community and regional economic and way of life needs primarily.
The remaining 10% are the profiteers or mercenaries, either personally or hired. The poor of this group often do what is most expedient without regard for anything else as they believe necessity requires. There are always opportunities in any conflict. But the 10%, rarely sound a warning of any kind, for any side, in their fear of reprisal and hopes of better profiting from all public consequences without blame or need of conviction. All social agreements with them are short term.
In the end, the side with the most inherent power, and/or ability to gain significant enough power from the undecided 30% and the singularly driven 10%, will carry the day.


Is there now a 30% division?

Although clearly not a reliable indicator of public sentiment around national constitutions and rights of The People, the fact that over 30% of the U.S. population remain so far steadfastly unvaccinated, indicates many still prefer to take a wait and see approach to the scientific results of the first wave of the mass human experimental trial studies to be evaluated. Takes about five years to gather and analyze the full results on animals and humans in an FDA approved drug trial of this kind to get approval for general medical use. The current mRNA treatments are registered as experimental and authorized currently to be distributed only for emergency use by the FDA.

Inventor of mRNA vaccines says young adults and teens should not be forced to take COVID vaccine

The inventor of mRNA vaccines said 'the government is not being ... The CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical Work Group said ...

Last week a YouTube video, in which this mRNA team inventor outlined the specific risks inherent in the mRNA treatment, was removed by the Google company, ABC, a powerful technology and information enforcement giant. Galileo Effect all over again.


Essential Financial, Scientific Data, and Background Information for this article provided by;

Greg Mannarino

Suspicious Observers

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