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This is a sorry situation in which one essential fact is true and the rest are unprovable and/or unenforceable.


Diddle Diddle Dumpling: One Shoe On, One off, Too Many Feet In The Door

Everyone wants a fast food, drive through, instant payment solution for civil rights and public health.

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WATCH FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW: YUGE!!! Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid-19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Have Now Been Dropped

VIDEO BY; SonOfEnos - Kenan SonOfEnos -

channel imageFor those who longed for an easy victory in a global civil rights definition battle which is only now beginning to engage, Patrick King of Alberta Canada, appeared to have the battle plan, guaranteed to work every time, in a local situation near you. Mr. King's position may have influenced the political climate in Alberta, it certainly in part reflects it. However the headline is completely false in this report and it is based on the half correct information from Mr. King in the interview, and the interviewers desire to find hard strategies to open public debate on martial law type restrictions..


One Shoe On One Shoe Off

Unfortunately, an eager collision of half truths emerged, that were picked apart, then thrown in the trash with Mr. King, by the MSM, after reporting with glee on his misconceptions.  After that, all his would be supporters seemed to have faded now. Patrick, who is censored from big social media is hard to find as well. Here is a Snopes scope fact check article. This is the primary cited "fact check" along with Reuters, refuting the video.


No, a Canadian Court ‘Victory’ Didn’t Prove COVID ‘Is a Hoax’

A viral video is spreading false information about the pandemic on social media.
  • Published 10 August 2021
Snopes lays out 2 main points. The first is the virus is isolated. The second; He did not get off from the charge. He paid a fine and the case did not affect Alberta public policy.



This is Snopes position on the isolation of the virus.


The COVID-19 Virus Hasn’t Been Isolated and Is a Hoax?

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t a hoax. More than 4.3 million people worldwide have died as a result of the virus.

The COVID-19 virus has been isolated on numerous occasions and in various countries. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that a virus specimen was first collected from a U.S. patient and delivered to the CDC for study on Jan. 20, 2020.

Proof of Isolation Not Fact Checked By Snopes
Snopes is saying the virus has been isolated because the CDC says it has. Period. However, what is true is that no peer review literature connected to a study, conclusively linking to a peer review paper, showing Sars-2 virus purification and isolation, necessary as a predicate for all Covid laws was produced in court. Purification and Isolation is considered the "Gold Standard" in science medical research and peer review publication. Patrick King obviously expected the government to be unable to produce isolation and purification documents, because this problem is cited in peer review science discussion all the time.

What Actually Happened On Isolation In Court

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw, simply said that the proof of isolation, in so many words, was immaterial to the charge, and the subsequent fine levied against Patrick King. The Judge agreed. Mr. King can probably appeal, but no word yet if he waived those rights or will move forward.


One Shoe Off | Fine Paid, No Direct Public Evidence Of Case Influence on Policy

Mr. King entered the court facing a 1200 dollar fine for mask violation. He paid some kind of fee or fine, the Snopes fact check, article in fact, did not check that fact. Here is what they say on public policy.

Were COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted in Alberta Due to King’s Case?

No. Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said in a July 28, 2021, news conference that the province was relaxing restrictive measures as of Aug. 16 because the majority of eligible residents have been vaccinated, meaning that it’s unlikely that the pandemic will overrun the hospital system. - As of this writing, 66.9% of Albertans have been fully vaccinated.

The picture is of Dr. Deena Hinshaw from this article of Aug.13.

CTV News Edmonton

Alberta backs down on relaxed COVID-19 measures, pauses testing changes for 6 weeks

Interestingly, this article above was published 1 day ago, and will likely be ignored in MSM. Is it further circumstantial evidence the trial carried some weight in public opinion? What Snopes ignores in the fact check article is the record breaking Alberta wide rally, in which Patrick participated in December of last year. The rally was opposing Covid-19 restrictions. Snopes also fails to mention that the government announced the relaxed restrictions, just a few days prior to the court decision.
The first restrictions mentioned in the Snopes article, were officially relaxed on August 16, after his case. Vaccines may be the announced predicate for relaxation, but this case, settled just prior to this video above, dated Aug 3 may or may not have been a factor in the decision. It would depend on the nature of the public discussion in Alberta before the verdict. The subject of restrictions gets wide public attention, as the CVT News Edmonton article illustrates, and the government did not produce the evidence asked for in court, but won on a judges decision. Officials may be able to bury for now, further discussion on isolation and purification if the CVT article, the video, this and other stories are ignored in worldwide distribution and not shared by those who can share fact based reports.


Game Tactic; Suppression of Peer Review Science, Advancement of Public Ignorance

The Game in spy novels is the intelligence business. In life it is the same. Those who are personally or economically about the business of intelligence in their life, better transact the business of their own life, or with the lives of others. The tactic lately used to gain power from the People by the worlds majority asset holders, has been to remove all dissenting voices critical of their outdated, publicly pronounced concepts, which critics assert, contain many non scientific assumptions. Climate and health are the primary assumptions upon which the messaging of the present central bank global power structure for population control is based.
By keeping real peer review medical and climate science from open public discussion on major messaging distribution outlets, the power elite use their messaging tools to justify their primary justification for power. That justification is that the People in aggregate, are not capable mentally or emotionally, of dissecting the information needed to govern themselves in a modern world. The system argues it now requires the advancement, collaboration and empowerment of "experts", financed by corporate/government, global central bank supported assets.
In the case of Patrick King, we see him portrayed in MSM as a bumbling ignorant rural hick. This ignores the fact that he knew or had reason to believe, based on peer review science he is familiar with, that the government would be incapable of producing hard evidence of isolation and purification, of what he considers a potentially alleged virus.


Central Bank, Government/Corporate Authority, Bends The Rules Openly But Never Allows Discussion Of Actions


Are the People too stupid to understand this graphic? Mr. Kauffmann doesn't think so. Are people incapable of arguing and discovering if or why a record of illness could today be a political, economically based record, beneficial for some, or whether it is clearly a fact based record for the People? Or is the public instead kept ignorant? Left to research blogs, with accurate information, but often conflated or cherry picked to suit another agenda. Sometimes bad conflation of great info is shared as a part of some disinformation campaign.
The People are in a situation where by the time the discussion points or arguments become known, restrictions are already in place without informed consent, public input or debate. Peer review researchers are not allowed to participate without fear of loss of income or freedom.. These restrictions on rights, even if lifted as in Alberta, can be enforced again with fines and imprisonment, while a new set of restrictions is being written, all based on further non peer review research, not transparently debated, and therefore ambiguous in fundamental public policy assumptions. 
The People, like Patrick King, must demand hard proof and refuse to settle for, 'because we say so science', or they will prove by default the hypothesis of the central bankers, that the People are incapable of governing their affairs or even their own bodies and personal health.


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