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In the interests of full disclosure, I love this game. When I saw the writing contest, I had never played a blockchain game before. So the PublishOx invite at no money down, just to see Upland, was a no brainer. 

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We wanted to see if we could find a blockchain idea, have fun, make a few bucks, promote the blockchain and our site in a really good way. so we gave Upland a try.
We wanted to simply go into Upland with the few UPX tokens they give you.. Reading the simple tutorial they give you is helpful at first, but it leaves much to the imagination. We soon discovered that buying around collectible neighborhoods was a good way to have some fun on a large or small budget and grow your fun and interest in the game.
If a person, wanted to put in 5 or ten bucks a month, They could have fun and make a few bucks just collecting properties, around the property collections sections in Upland. People who like to play smart phone and other games will often spend about 5 to 10 dollars a month. So after our freebie kick, we invested that amount in stages and developed a strategy. This strategy is for readers of modest as well as ultra extravagant game investment interests, who want to jump right in, but not waste money finding out what we found out on our dime.

Collections and Rank In Upland From Fresno and Beyond

First thing to know going in is this is a ...s...l...o...w...   game. Did I say slow I mean .........S.........L.........O.........W.......... HOWEVER; It is one of the most interesting games you you are likely to ever play. Putting in some money speeds things up. So for a quick investment in a new blockchain board game of from $30, $60 to a hundred bucks with a payoff of $10 maybe $100 or more bucks at the end of the year, gives you something to ponder in your fun time. 
For $100, you are a Pro. It gives you some perks. If you have made a little money in the crypto market, and are looking for a fun speculative blockchain investment, this could be the one for you. With a  weekly or one time investment, entertainment budget expense, you will make pennies or hundreds over the course of a year, with a simple strategy.

Fresno Woodward and Other Collections

Fresno is for cheapies on a budget and eccentrics with tons of cash and money to burn. You got a thousand bucks for a game? Head on over to the Van Nessess or the Tower District. The Woodward Collection is a good start for typical game entertainment investment budgets. If the sky's the limit with your funds, then head to the Fresno properties in the Old Town Gems, or Fire Fighters Collection. Those properties are well over 1 million UPX. In the Woodward Park Area, properties currently list from 4000 UPX, on up. That's about $4. 10,000 UPX is $10 and so forth. 
The neighborhoods and streets with collectible properties, are all a little higher priced. Since people want them for their property collections to boost their daily revenue, the properties there will go up over time. Also adjacent properties will go up, especially in the very expensive neighborhoods. Find a neighborhood in your price range and and follow the steps below applied to Woodward Park.

$30 to $60 $100+ Upland Woodward Park Strategy Investment Guide

Property Collections are also of course available in the San Francisco area where you can own Upland real estate from Fresno, or take a flight and visit for 40 UPX. But we will focus on an entry level Upland Fresno collection strategy in the Woodward District. At the moment we publish this article, you can find enough properties to complete the Woodard, and 2 other collections in Fresno, The Woodward Park, Newbie and the Fresno Collections. All for $30+ including the UPX you get when you sign up on Upland. All properties that are in collectible areas and adjacent properties are going up in value as the game gains enthusiasts. Collection neighborhoods are based on the real world markets now in Fresno and San Francisco, but are destined to gain a value all their own according to how they develop with your investments interacting in the blockchain.


IN WOODWARD PARK, BUY 4 PROPERTIES. DON'T SELL ANYTHING AT THE BEGINNING. Anything you sell is no longer a part of a collection. Sell only properties outside of collections.
THE WOODWARD PARK COLLECTION, for about $30 to $60, allows you to buy 4 properties. Three to hold in the collection, one to sell. Then buy 3 more Woodward Park and neighborhood adjacent and/or outlier properties with the remainder of your budget, including the UPX you get at signup. The 4th Woodward property is your investment property. Right now it likely will gain in value over time as Upland is adding thousands of players a week. Don't sell your first property till you finish the tips in this article.

Woodward Park

To gauge the Woodward market, we bought 4 properties there and placed one for sale. We paid about $4, $4,000 UPX and sold it within 8 hours at a $2 profit. Based on this we proceeded to this article on Upland and applied it to our other experiences in the game. 

Selling Your First Property

This is based only on our experience so your results may differ. After we set up our Upland investment, we listed 2 properties for sale, not in Woodward Park. On the first property we listed, we looked at the bottom and top of the neighborhood market price. Then we placed ourselves in the middle. They ranged from 6,000 to 50,000+ UPX. The second property we priced to sell at around slightly above the low average neighborhood market value. 
The first property we listed for sale was sold within a couple of hours to a real estate agent, not an Uplander. We have not seen an agent since. Likely then, it is a bot that encourages newbies. We made a good profit on our sale. We raised  the price on the second property we had listed in that neighborhood. It has not sold yet, Another at slightly above average low market price has sold however.
Since our first property was listed at a high price you may want to try to sell your first property at a high rate as well. We recommend finding a good neighborhood and listing your first property from the best possible angle and see if the first sale is an Upland real estate agent, visiting you with a sizable reward.


Now that we have given you an overview, how about something really exciting and never before done, to encourage you to get started and sign up with us.

We think the best way to promote Upland is to become a real estate player in Upland all the way. So we are giving away one of our up and coming Woodland Park properties to one fortunate reader.

IRUUR1 Contest Outline

Just use our affiliate link to sign up on Upland.
Then send us an email to [email protected]
Sign up and send us your Upland user name, to verify in our Upland affiliate list.
Put Upland, your Upland name, and official id number as the email subject. 
We will send you the property address.
Send us a reply email with Upland, Upland name in subject
In the body of the reply email, guess a number between 5000 and 6000, representing the slightly above, lowest market value prices for the address in Woodward. Send us your guess.
The person with the exact, or closest to the correct number wins.


Once we get 57 signups we will stop all entries at midnight of that day and announce the end of the contest. 
We will email the winner. 
The winner can then visit the address and offer any price in UPX for the property to receive title.
All entrants will automatically be eligible for other IRUUR1 Upland  promotions coming soon.

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