Pajeebear is Back Bearing Gold

Pajeebear is Back Bearing Gold

By PajeeBear | incomeopportunity | 24 Oct 2020

How are you guys???

I have been gone way too long. Some things happen in our lives, one blink and we are way off the track.

Anyhow, I have kept myself busy for a while working. Had to, this pandemic had me going nuts.

I want to share my hobby lately. Checking where to invest what’s left of my hard earned money. I came across trading stocks online. And preferably focusing on Gold trading. Why Gold? Personally it fluctuates nearly quickly every now and then. I wanted to get my hands on short term and quick gambling investment. It's called gambling cause I could profit or I could hit bottom rock loss.

I think I have few logs about it in my previous post in July. But this time I want to be more productive. I want to share my insights specific to the Gold’s fluctuating price. I will also share my novice predictions on prices along with simple explanations.

First off, I want to trace back the price of gold many years ago. Let’s all check how Gold fared for quite a while. See chart from October 2007 to October of this year.

Had I known how to trade when I in 2007, I would have invested a little amount of my allowance back then and by this time, it could have been worth hundreds of dollars. But that would be impossible because 2007 was still considerably dark ages of my life not to mention I was just 17 years old with no knowledge about trading. In fact I may have been quite ignorant of how to use computers. Yeah laugh at me. I can’t even believe myself, looking back the only reason I learned how to use a computer was to play games like counter strike and the good old DOTA 1.

So it seems, there is so much for me to learn about how the world works. And even to this age I am still slowly learning new things. One of which is how cryptocurrency works, NFT’s and etc. Going back to Gold trading there is still so much opportunity here. Join me in my journey if you’d like. It may be a bumpy road ahead but who knows, my price predictions can also help you in your on trading journey.


I'm a quality analyst who likes to play online strategic game and spends time earning crypto currency.


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