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Heading to the mainnet: ZetaChain’s airdrop pre-claim is open!

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 24 Jan 2024

After a long wait for the most stoic, the long-awaited moment has arrived: ZetaChain has opened the $ZETA airdrop pre-claim, which can be redeemed when the mainnet launches. In the article, we will see all the parameters the team has considered, how to verify airdrop allocation, and the project’s next steps.


ZetaChain, which I told you about in a previous article, is an L1 omnichain that supports interoperability between all blockchains, including those that don’t support smart contracts such as Bitcoin. As a result, dApps built on ZetaChain will be able to operate on all blockchains. Think about DeFi tools that include BTC without needing to wrap Bitcoin.

While the crypto landscape shows increasing fragmentation due to the emergence of new Layer2 and sidechains, which generates complications for users and developers alike, ZetaChain proposes an organic solution that allows users to have access to all cryptocurrencies through a single network, thanks to applications that can connect to any ecosystem.


After testing the omnichain bridge for over a year, several dApps have landed on ZetaLabs, the space dedicated to exploring the ZetaChain testnet, which will be operational at mainnet launch. In addition to ZetaSwap, the first app developed on the testnet, we find several platforms ranging from DeFi to Gaming, from NFTs to Social 3.0.

You will find familiar apps such as Sushi Swap and Curve Finance, official partners of ZetaChain, and new DeFi protocols such as Zeta Finance and Zeta Hub, which will be the main dApps of the ecosystem when the mainnet is launched. The Hub is already open and allows people to check their allocation for airdrop and register for the next phase of ZetaChain.


In defining the parameters for ZETA token distribution, the ZetaChain team considered a number of factors. As you may recall, conducting transactions through the bridge, inviting other users to participate in the testnet, and reporting bugs could accumulate Zeta Points.

snapshot of these activities was taken last August 20 and identified over eight hundred thousand users eligible for the distribution of 31.5M ZETAs. To ensure fair airdrop allocation, the main criteria considered were:

  • Number of ZETA Points accumulated at the time of the snapshot. Users who have totaled more than 50K points will benefit from the airdrop;
  • Number of successfully invited users related to the number of points accumulated by them;
  • Date the user joined the ZetaChain testnet. Users who registered in the early stages of development were assigned a higher multiplier;
  • Number of activities registered on the testnet and mainnet of ZetaChain-related projects. This was done to prevent ZETA tokens from being distributed to accounts that registered on ZetaLabs but did not transact;

The amounts awarded range from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 20000 ZETAs, and KYC verification will most likely be required to claim tokens. Some users who did not benefit from airdrop but still used the testnet will be awarded an Access Pack, which is a small supply of ZETAs to start experimenting with the mainnet.

For more information about airdrop, visit the official announcement.


To check how many ZETAs you have earned and make the pre-claim, you will need to connect to the ZetaHub with the wallet used on the ZetaChain testnet and follow the procedure. You will have access to a record of your actions up to the snapshot and you’ll see your Genesis card.

ZetaHub currently only provides access to airdrop information, but at mainnet launch, it will allow users to use the main features of ZetaChain, such as sending ZETAs, providing liquidity to pools, staking, and participating in protocol governance. From the Hub, they will also have access to all the dApps in the ecosystem and the loyalty programs promoted by the community.

Phase Z-1

Phase Z minus 1 is the phase that anticipates the mainnet. By filling out a form on ZetaHub you can register for the next phase as a user or developer. This form will allow the team to verify the activities performed by each user and will serve as a starting point for the incoming rewards program.

With the mainnet, the XP program will start on ZetaHub, a rewards system that can be leveraged by dApps on the chain to approach new users and have their products tested. The program will keep track of activities on the mainnet and will also be accessible to Access Pack recipients who register.

As a project focused on its community, ZetaChain is aiming for organic growth and increasing decentralization of the blockchain, and the airdrop and future incentivized programs confirm this. As we wait for the mainnet, which will show the real utility of this omnichain, let us prepare for the Z-1 phase.


| This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing. |

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