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Zero Gravity campaign is live! Participate to earn $ZERO token by ZeroLend

21 Feb 2024 1 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

Loan protocols are a rapidly growing reality in the blockchain world. ZeroLend is an intriguing implementation on zkSync, expanding onto Blast. The ZeroLend ecosystem consists of various products and features, including: DeFi Lending: A decentraliz...

Berachain marches to the mainnet: how to prepare (testnet and airdrop)

15 Feb 2024 5 minute read 2 comments ifiwasfrank

Berachain is a project that has been gaining significant attention lately, thanks to various ongoing campaigns on testnet. It is a blockchain with a radically new approach to consensus, combining compatibility with EVM and implementation on Cosmos S...

Mode: the cooperative, scalable and cost-effective layer 2 (Mode Sunshine Airdrop)

6 Feb 2024 4 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

Mode is the modular L2 DeFi platform that aims to provide developers and users with the necessary tools to grow a global ecosystem of top-tier applications, directly rewarding them for their contributions. In collaboration with Optimism, the Mode te...

Earn native yields on layer 2 with Blast (Testnet and Early Access)

1 Feb 2024 5 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

The founder of Blur, Pacman, has recently launched Blast, a layer 2 solution born out of the need to ensure that yields on ETH and stablecoins on the Ethereum network are also available on L2. With the merge, users have the opportunity to earn a 4%...

Heading to the mainnet: ZetaChain’s airdrop pre-claim is open!

24 Jan 2024 3 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

After a long wait for the most stoic, the long-awaited moment has arrived: ZetaChain has opened the $ZETA airdrop pre-claim, which can be redeemed when the mainnet launches. In the article, we will see all the parameters the team has considered, how...

DOP: the protocol that gives users back control of their data (Testnet and Airdrop)

16 Jan 2024 2 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

DOP, or the Data Ownership Protocol, is a project that has catalyzed the attention of cryptonauts in recent weeks. The launch of the testnet and the prospect of an associated airdrop has led thousands of users to register and complete the tasks pres...

PRYZM: the Layer 1 designed to optimize yields (Stakedrop and testnet)

11 Jan 2024 2 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

After Kujira and White Whale, a new protocol is ready to rise from the ashes of the Luna crash. It’s Pryzm (formerly Prism), a project that allows for the decomposition of interest-bearing assets (ETH, MATIC, ATOM, INJ…) into two new assets with a f...

Three cosmic projects that are revolutionizing DeFi

29 Nov 2023 5 minute read 4 comments ifiwasfrank

$KUJI, $RUNE, and $INJ are three tokens that have much in common. Used for fee payment, staking, and governance of their respective blockchains, they have performed exceptionally well in the past month. Kujira, THORChain, and Injective are three pro...

New features and crazy challenge on Pooky

16 Nov 2023 3 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

After introducing the blockchain game dedicated to zero-risk sports betting in a previous article, we are back to talking about Pooky and it’s new fresh features. Brief recap Pooky, a play-to-earn recently launched on blockchain Polygon, allows its...

StocksFC: The stock market of football players

19 Oct 2023 5 minute read 0 comments ifiwasfrank

Among sports-themed blockchain games, there’s one that stands out for its bold attempt to merge the world of football with the dynamics of stock markets. It is StocksFc, a gaming platform where you can buy and sell shares related to soccer players a...