Crypterium and the presale of the Gram Tokens.
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Crypterium and the presale of the Gram Tokens.

Crypterium wallet in my opinion not too important, at some point he wanted to start the presale of Token Gram, the token of the famous Telegram messaging platform.

In this article I will tell you about my bad adventure on this platform.

In about mid-October I started acquiring small portions of Gram, for a total position in early November of 270 Token Gram, for an amount of about 0.16 btc and 48 usdc. A single Token in the first phase cost $ 3.80, up to $ 4.20.

This is the link of the Token purchase contract:

Here is the presentation of the project where, in a moment, the sub link with the purchase terms was removed.

This is what Liquid exchange did:

Liquid exchange already refunded all it’s     Gram customers $4,000,000.

Until February 15 Crypterium, on the other hand, did not give communications, rather it blocked those who asked for explanations on social pages.
And to finish 15 days late they repaid USDC, to me for 0.16 btc and 48 usdc they gave me 1090 usdc.

I believe that they have really moved in an irregular way, too many factors prove it. In my opinion, if a company is capable of making such a shot then it is capable of even worse.

I leave some photos of the wallet and the reversal of usdc.



Mr. Crypterium btc yoyoThis is the best, Crypterium refunds the same crypto... 😂😂😂


My 270 GramCrypterium swapAnd 1090 usdc in my wallet 😡

Thank you and happy Sunday to all ...

Crypto coffe & others
Crypto coffe & others

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In crypto we trust!! interest!!
In crypto we trust!! interest!!

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