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I bought CryptoTab Pro, here are my first thoughts.

By k1llswitch | In BNB we BELIEVE | 21 Sep 2021


CryptoTab is an app you can download on your phone which uses "cloud mining" or some made up hashes and in exchange pays you in BTC.

There is a Lite version and a Pro version, the Lite is free while the Pro version is just about 2.5$.

Thoughts and facts:

Alright, so now that you are a little bit more familiar with CryptoTab, let's get into my thoughts and some obvious facts.

The only reason i bought this app was because i did a lot of research on it, and since i had 2 old android phones that weren't being used for anything, i said to myself: "Why not, fuck it, even if it makes me a cent a day it can run endlessly and i wouldn't care."

There is a bad part to the app tho, you can't just let it rip for eternity, you need to check in every 3 hours to turn mining back on, frustrating i know, but i guess since the profits aren't so low (more on that later) while i am doing something on my PC or occasionaly at home i will just turn it on, i will only lose about 5-6 hours of mining, so i should be good if i go to sleep.

If you mine for the whole 24 hours, you will make somewhere near 8 cents (per phone with Pro version) which equals to around 200 satoshi per phone.

When you look at it that way it is very low profitability, but my plan is to just let them rip and not care about them, then cash out a couple bucks in my first month, and see how i will reinvest that bitcoin maybe in a cloud.boost they offer.

What is cloud.boost?

cloud.boost is a boost they offer in exchange for your money. You can get a 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x. Each one is more expensive then the other but the bigger the boost, the bigger the boost...

Back to thoughts and facts.

cloud.boost is usually not worth it, that is why i do not plan on buying it, all i plan on is just hopefully finding some old android phone, hooking it up, and letting it make me a couple cents a day. Electricity costs like nothing anyways because they're phones, it's not like i am running 10 ASIC's in my room :D

While i am writing this article i am waiting for mining to stop so i can rerun it and go to sleep :)

Should i buy CryptoTab Pro?

I say, if you have some old phones lying around, go for it, it will certainly be worth your investment after a month or even less depending on the number of phones you are running, so yeah.

Sure, it does have it's pros and cons, but it is overall a fun experience and a cool way to use your old phones.



I just wanted to say thank you to the people that read my articles and hope that you liked this one, and that you enjoyed reading it and maybe even learned something new. I hope you have a wonderful week and as always:


Stay safe,


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