TRON added to more than 13,000 ATMs in South Korea ¿How will this affect the price?

TRON added to more than 13,000 ATMs in South Korea ¿How will this affect the price?

TRON has been gradually expanding the reach of TRX and JST, which were recently added to the P2P CryptoLocally platform. However, the news of its integration with South Korea's ATMs and PoS terminals is more important, as it places TRON at the heart of the country's booming economy. 13,000 ATMs in South Korea will now support TRX and JST exchanges to KRW, giving buyers the ability to withdraw cryptocurrencies when they need it. The deal should be particularly helpful to tourists, allowing them to visit South Korea without the need to bring large amounts of cash into the country.

A giant asleep within the TRON ecosystem, waiting for the implementation of the challenging loan system it supports.
Of the two digital assets introduced through the TRON and MeconCash partnership, TRX is the most liquid. After all, it's tradable on most of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and built into wallets, apps, and cryptocurrency payment gateways. JST, however, is still gaining market share and is not yet widely available. As such, the integration of South Korean ATMs is an important step for JST, which has so far had limited fiduciary connections.

TRX has had a good month announcing their emoji on Twitter and announcing DeFi products in the TRX ecosystem, as anticipation grows for the TRON 4.0 network update. TRX is up 25% for the year to date and trading volume has been consistently high. TRON's greatest success today has been hosting dApps for gaming, gaming, retail and entertainment. The launch of TRON 4.0 will add privacy features and introduce sidechains, making it possible for companies to create their own blockchain applications and connect them to TRON.


Also on July 6, Justin Sun revealed that the project, JUST DeFi, plans to launch three new products for the decentralized finance ecosystem. The first is a loan and credit platform called "JUST Lend". It will allow Tron users to "earn interest and borrow against collateral."

The second product involves a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform called JUST SWAP, while the third is a TRC-20 token called JUST BTC. The token is pegged to Bitcoin (BTC) in a 1: 1 ratio.

He added that the recently launched JUST (JST) token will be the core token of Tron's DeFi ecosystem.


However former CTO and TRON co-founder Lucien Chen who stepped down last year blamed that Tron had become extremely centralized and lost his vision to create a decentralized website. For this reason, many users reacted in an analytical way worried about the tweets that Sun had published about its "DeFi" products.

Arguing that TRON is not decentralizing, so they should call things by their name, with Centralized Finance being the correct term CeFi.
To this a user added

"When a centralized scam is not enough, one should get on the DeFi train"







The price is in a secondary bullish trend. Today TRX has come face to face with the resistance level of 0.0178 USD. Therefore, this has favored the bears as a large rejection candle was presented this day by the resistance level. Due to how active TRX has been in terms of fundamentals, the chances of bullish movements continuing are very high. So a great entry point is when the price pulls back that way we can put in a good position to take advantage of the next bullish momentum. However, you cannot invest money that you are not willing to lose, so this is only a technical and fundamental analysis for the community, not a recommendation to invest.

As you can see in the chart the bears will look to push the price down due to the current resistance level since from March to today the price has tried to cross above that level for 2 times being the movement of today the third time that the bulls They try to overcome the current resistance of 0.0178 USD.

If the uptrend does not continue it is due to the Double TOP pattern that has formed the price on the 1-day chart that can be taken advantage of by bears to lower the TRX price.





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