PancakeSwap's New Play2Earn Game: Protectors 🛡️

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 16 Jun 2023

I discovered the blockchain-based game designed by PancakeSwap on BNB Chain. The Tower Defense game was created by PancakeSwap and MOBOX and CAKE token (Native token of the DeFi platform) has a lot of use cases in the game.


As it is the first week of the game, there are several rewards for the early adopters. I regularly play the game and there are around 3 - 5 exclusive events that are available for a certain amount of time. If you can join them, you may win some nice rewards to boost your experience.


I am not going to dive deep into the details. Actually, it is an average Tower Defense game that any strategy game lover may enjoy. For more information Protectors FAQ may help you.

Good for the GameFi ecosystem

I believe this is a nice step taken by Pancake Swap to bring more people to BNB Chain and PCS as the new Ethereum Layer 2 projects are draining the whole liquidity in the market. In addition, new use case for CAKE is also something positive for the CAKE lovers.

The game has Play2Earn mechanism but the rewards are only received after 15 days, which is the end of a season. To be honest, it may not be worth waiting for such a long time to get rewarded (if possible) on a Play2Earn game as, most probably, anyone who pays more to the game to rank up will outperform you in the leaderboard!

The "payers over players" is a fact for this game, as well. If you paid around $1000 worth of Cake in the beginning, there are great heroes, gifts and in-game assets gifted to you. If you consider this payment as an investment, it may also be worth it.


The players on the top 10 - 20 are going to get amazing gifts + thousands of CAKE rewards in the first season. IF someone put money + time + efforts, the return of investment might be 200% - 300% in 15 days. However, no one can promise you that you will be able to get rewarded at the end of the season.

As I started the game early and enjoyed the concepts, I will be playing it till the end of the first season. As long as the game will not be a game for rich players, it is okay to play and compete with people like you. Yet, if the harmony gets spoiled, I will not be spending any single moment on that.

So far I only paid 1 CAKE (maximum $2) to get one 5-star OP character. I do not have any plans to invest more into that game for now. I hope more projects create their own Play2Earn / GameFi models to bring more people into our blockchain-gaming ecosystem. If GameFi goes viral, which might be challenging while all eyes are on AI stuff, one of the biggest pieces of the pie will be grabbed by Splinterlands and new types of games developed in SplinterVerse 😉

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