De-Fi on Hive is Promising

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 21 Jan 2023

Hive ecosystem is expanding and there are tons of new games such as PsyberX, Wrestling Organization Online, and Crypto Shots and micro-blogging / written content platforms like Reverio and Veews adding value to our crypto experience.


In my honest opinion, although Hive is the only blockchain-based crypto blogging platform that really rewards users with a stablecoin HBD and coin HIVE and one of the best games of crypto Splinterlands makes Hive a GameFi Chain for Footprint and Coinmarketcap's report, these categories may not compete with De-Fi on Hive in the future.

Why De-Fi on Hive?

Let's start with the question: Why?

Let's take a single transaction on Hive De-Fi to examine:


For your De-Fi experience, Hive fixest 4 problems thanks to its innate features 👇

1 - Slippage / Equilibrium: You can easily swap your coins in Hive because the liquidity pools can equalize both sides in less than 2 seconds for free!

2 - Speed: Hive blockchain is, has always been, fast enough to handle GameFi and De-Fi at the top of it. Only a second of time 🕰️

3 - Transaction Fees: When you use other blockchains, you will be irritated by the transaction fees of $0.30 to 3 bucks in an ordinary day. Imagine the fee on events etc! Resources Credits make it free for you 🔥

4 - Swapping Fees: As the operational costs of De-Fi projects behind the stage will be quite reasonable, the swapping fees can be limited as much as possible if a service provider wishes to provide cheap services.

How to De-Fi on Hive?

I'm sure you use Hive-Engine, Tribaldex or LeoDex for your Layer 2 purchases. You always see Swap.Hive, Swap.BTC and many other Swap tokens listed and traded.

A Cross-Chain Platform can provide Swap.BTC / Swap.ETH or create their own peg tokens to create pools by using stablecoin: HBD or other Swap.Stable systems. Since the transactions will be Cross-Chain, the smart contracts will lock the amount of crypto on other chains which will keep the system solvent 100% as expected.

For the Cross-Chain operations, Multi-Token Bridge can be used and developed for multi-chain transactions on many other chains. Besides, a similar syststem of Swaps by Deathwing can be created to initiate nearly instant transaction between several pools to provide the lowest slippage rate for free!

Using Routes for The Lowest Slippage Rate for Free:

Here is a solid example for you.

PuzzleSwap on Waves ecosystem provides "Route" to initiate Multi-Liquidity Pool transactions. By doing so, it both provides transaction fees to LPs and keep them active, also it serves the lowest slippage rate to the user. WIN-WIN.


For example, there are 3 LPs being used to minimize the potential loss of swaps. You can build a better one on Hive as the transactions are faster and free RC used.

When the users wish to withdraw their native coins, the smart-contracts can initiate the transaction to finalize the Cross-Chain experience on Hive. IMHO, we have not used even %10 potential of Hive yet. De-Fi on Hive may hit crypto really hard 🔥

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