Information You May Be Surprised About Bitcoin.

By ibrahimcetinkale | ibrahim cetinkale | 26 Feb 2021

1-) The first transaction was made by paying 10 thousand bitcoins for 2 pizzas.

2-) Today, every bitcoin transaction uses the same energy as 9 homes in the US.

3-) If you said send a no-return bitcoin to another account, you cannot get your transaction back.

4-) Bitcoin is limited in number and only 21 million will be produced.

5-) Bitcoin is also preferred in illegal buying and selling.

6-) The first bitcoin billionaires were brothers cameron and tyler winklevoss from the USA.








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Hi, I İbrahim Çetinkale, 18 years old, I live in Turkey, I finance student at the university.

ibrahim cetinkale
ibrahim cetinkale

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