Brave, Bat Donations Key Innovations

Brave, Bat Donations Key Innovations

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 16 Sep 2021

Brave, Bat Donations Key Innovations

I would like to talk about two important innovations for users using Brave browser. As you know, the Brave system is a system that distributes 70% of the ad revenue to users as a reward, thanks to the ads that "respect privacy" displayed in the browser. Rewards are given as “Basic Attention Token ( Bat ) ”. You can check out the videos we shot before about how to win a bat. I want to move on from this short information to the innovations immediately.

First of all, I will inform you about the change made in the mobile phone application. Brave applications on mobile phones (Original, Beta and Nightly) have all been reduced to 15 bats by lowering the 25 bat requirements previously required to connect to the Uphold wallet. If you have a 15 Bat balance and have previously connected your browser to Uphold, you can also connect your mobile phone to the same Uphold wallet and verify it. As you know, there is a limit of only 4 accounts to Uphold. Bat payments for verified accounts start on the 8th day of each month. Of course, because there are many users and large amounts of Bat payments, sometimes these payments may take longer. But there is no panic. Because, as one of the newly launched "Volunteer Bat Ambassadors in Turkey", I can say how many years I have received my Bat payments in full. If you still see the 25 bat requirement in Brave applications, you will see that the condition has decreased to 15 Bat when you update the application. Now let's move on to the other innovation.

Bat donation with Decimal is now available for streamers.

Yes, you heard right, now 0.25 bat is included and tips can be given to publishers by manually entering it. Previously, it was not possible to donate to publishers under 1 bat. Thanks to this innovation, you can tip 0.25 bat and above to Brave approved publishers. Let me give a few examples ” 0.50 bat ”, ” 0.75 bat ” ” 1.25 bat, ” ” 1.50 bat ” , ” 1.75 bat ” You now have the opportunity to donate decimal parts. As we said, these decimal balances under 1 Bat were always kept in our wallet until other rewards were received. Thanks to this innovation, every user has the advantage of making a small donation. Of course, it is very important that our browser is up to date. Below I am sharing a few sample images with you. 

In addition, 10 ads per hour option has been added in the ad settings section of the rewards page.


As you can see in the pictures, the "" site is a Brave approved publisher. How do you know this ” You'll see a blue verification mark on the Bat icon in your Brave browser. ” Here, when you click on the Bat icon for such publishers with the 'Blue Verification' sign, a tip window opens as you can see in the pictures above, and you can support the publisher by giving a tip.

Good luck to all of us.

As a " Volunteer Bat Ambassador " representing Turkey about Brave, I will keep you informed of all kinds of innovations through our website "".  " " You can support us by following us and reading our articles on our site.


Do you want to be a Bat ambassador too? Click this link.

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