bitcoin never-ever gonna to cross it's peak value again

By Gaurav | i love crypto | 21 May 2019

hello,free hydro seekers namaste , this is GAURAV

so i have googled a lot, even watch other youtube channel they are saying bitcoin gonna rise soon, it's gonna be great again , it's gonna touch it's peak again but belive me no it's never goona happen, it price might rise but i don'nt think it is going to reach its peak again or set new records

well so, Bitcoins was on its height of   $19,783.21 on December 17     but what happend then?? well a sudden downfall it keep falling as many people who have mined btc want to sell it as it was on its peak, even people want to buy it, as investment. but after that what has happen to bitcoin did it's price ever cross $10,000 nope . today it's price is around $7,907.51  so almost half the peak value  so think of people who bought btc in 2017 thinking that its goona rise but that never gonna happen the crypto winter is over

and if you still want to know 13 reasons why? then 

  • most of people don'nt buy crypto they actually mine it , so minning difficulty of BTC is very high nowday
  • bitcoin has compete with its other competitor crypto currencies which aare inceasing day by day they have a better algorithm and better support
  • bitcoin don'nt have a good logo 😉
  • bitcoin is getting old day by day😐 😑 😶 🙄 
  • people are investing in other currency other than bitcoin because of risk factor,for example- actully i do wanted to invest on crypto but just have $50 so how can i buy btc with is or even no profit in minning with it, so invested on other crypto

well i can'nt provide 13 reasons bro, but still the above two are making there point  and do comment more reasons in comment section i want to complete 13 reasons

so don'nt expect bitcoin to cross it's peak of $19,000 and reach $69,069  


so what is you are thinking let me know in comment section

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i love crypto

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