Calvinball and the Cryptoverse

I could have also published this under the subreddit r/showerthoughts as it actually was. But I was trying to pull together the strands of the crypto-world in my mind this morning and was struck by the sheer creativity of the world of crypto-currencies, that it is such a reflection on the diversity of ways that humans can understand and change how to think about worth/currency/exchange/power/trade/commerce and then there's just the wonderfully-stupidly positive and caring Dogecoin community. Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed of hunting dog; first memed-into-existence (Reddit probs), then memed-into-a-freaking-currency. I only know about it because of crypto!

Like. What?

But to Calvinball! I love Calvinball because I grew up playing it! Calvinball is based off of the brilliant and creative mind of Bill Watterson, a globally renowned philosopher who also drew comics. I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes. The friendship of a real-imaginary stuffed tiger named Hobbes, and his elementary school owner-friend Calvin. Now these names are based off of the French Christian theologian John Calvin, and the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. But this also isn't about those bimbos, it's about Calvinball AND Crypto!


Calvinball is made up. It's a play-as-you-go, you make up rules to get ahead, but your opponent can also make up rules. You know. Like the rich can do right now? Lol. My siblings and I played our own version in a dirt lot by making our own baseball diamond. We kicked footballs, soccer balls, and then threw a frisbees from home base before running and being pelted by each respective item. But you could run anywhere and touch the bases in any order. And there were also rocks on the ground, which got used as well. Ahh, I can still remember the smell of the sweaty dirt and feel the bruises.

But there seem to be so many brilliant similarities. It feels like this: money and currency haven't evolved much in the past 100+ years and the internet is simply trying as many variations of currencies and economies as possible! There are micro and macro evolutions happening all at the same time. Some people want to get rich, others want to help distribute that wealth and both have never been easier to do now with crypto. You've got art, marketplaces, exchanges, niche economies, platforms, technologies, new insights, entire worlds, all being minted and tested at the same time! It's amazing and overwhelming. 

The only rule of crypto is pretty dang similar to Calvinball, "You can't play it the same way twice" and that's the truth with blockchain as well.


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I don't know anything about crypto
I don't know anything about crypto

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