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Torum, where Critesman1990 normally posts

   What is up guys!!!! I am the Critesman1990 and Torum is where I spend a lot of my time online these days! I at least have Torum opened on a browser tab while I do the online things. First thing to say about Torum is just wow, out of all the projects and cool new defi things coming out during this lengthy bull run Torum has been beyond promising.... aside from pancakeswap... I fcking love pancakeswap and will probably still play around there after ETH Layer 2 launches....but this is about Torum lol. Torum is a defi social platform, the platform contains all kinds of cool functions like NFT marketplace and staking options! The team behind Torum AKA "Team Torum" has been rolling out these features on time despite all the things that go wrong when catering a platform to the large number of users AKA"Landers" it has now. Torum has a token called XTM which has been performing very well, "mission rewards" for posting is 0.5625 XTM roughly 1$ USD just for making a post/status. Torum allows you to earn on it's platform in a handful of ways. This is my experience, what I like and don't like about Torum

   You should be on Torum if you're not, Sign up here through my referral link!  Signing up under my link will make me your "mentor" on Torum. You can DM me anytime regardless if i'm your mentor or not, but I can promise i'll teach you about the platform to the point where you'll be just fine on your own navigating the site etc. I also like to make friends on Torum

   I found the link for Torum on Publish0x and signed up mid Feb 2021. I saw that I could earn on a defi social site and hopped on right away! Back then the user base was pretty small. I mainly (wrongfully and unknowingly) posted referral links to sites I hadn't fully tested or used long enough to define it as an "experience". One day I posted I was done with all that referral spamming and that I would make a clan dedicated to blockchain tech for new-adv users as an attempt to contribute to content on Torum. I received awesome feedback, back then Team Torum was more active on Torum's website and a lot of them replied to my post! The CEO of Torum replied and said it would be a great idea, the entire team was beyond polite and it was awesome.. until later on................................ No lol, they are still polite and after this amount of time it just further proves they are all "stand up" guys. I thought to myself that this is a strong team, I thought of how business oriented they are, the timelines they never miss, and any instance of Team Torum acting "badly"... Which I can't name a single instance of foul behavior, nothing but positive interactions. No hidden identities of the team etc. I found myself impressed... these young individuals that formed Team Torum impressed me and that is a very strong start to an investment i'd say. I never met or had a chat with the fools behind pancakeswap, I feel like they owe me an NFT lol. I joke around, they aren't fools but someone tell those fools at pancakeswap to send me an NFT bc I love it lolol. 

   What I like about Torum is a list that goes on forever. I know i'm an early arrival to something big. Torum is young with a badass roadmap. Torum is a huge platform that's been described as a "combination of all social platforms" but it's just still evolving in my personal opinion. 1 incredibly profound usecase of this platform, is one that I believe is just coming to light.... and that is education. Torum doesn't offer educational courses or utilities but users gain so much knowledge in a very short time frame just from user to user interaction. Having an open forum with this magnitude with an earn incentive leads to a broad increase of user activity, from our perspective as a user is more time spent. Leading to more engaged topics with an increase of knowledge in crypto assets. This is incredibly profound as I mentioned... In the US regulation that would threaten crypto assets applies pressure for many reasons but 1 big reason is the safety of assets in the crypto space.... Torum "pushes back" against said pressure through that simple unintended outcome. Having a very strong community with 0 tolerance for scams, rug pulls and etc. this platform is essentially geared to fit all users even brand new to crypto. While I have known about crypto assets for a long time i've also been aware of the lack of knowledge I also have in crypto assets. My overall knowledge since joining Torum has expanded at an insane rate. Like mentioned educational utilities aren't offered but in my experience this interaction is far to profound to not mention. 

  Torum has a wallet built in called "exchange wallet", a missions tab (for earnings/rewards), along with the option to create clans and post a thread there. Currently you can withdraw XTM from the Torum platform, but only to a ERC-20 wallet which comes with a large fee. I'm pretty sure the majority voted for ETH chain even with the GAS fees atm, I personally did because I prefer ETH in the long run. XTM can be purchased from a few places or used in certain LP's. Currently the LP you get from pancakeswap on the BSC must be created at pancakeswap's website then staked/applied to Torum finance. This would lead me to believe that most of these financial functions will be strictly available on Torum finance (obviously lol). The act of forcing you to apply your LP created at pancakeswap on Torum finance seems like an attempt to get XTM owners/traders to also be a member of Torum but there may be a background mechanic I haven't considered there. Not an issue in my eyes, as I think you should be a member even if not very active. Torum is currently receiving a lot of new users, some are bots/leachers. Several reward missions must now be completed to unlock your wallet on the platform so I doubt many bots will succeed in gathering XTM (if any at all). The community is so strong and well behaved that the complaints and reports of spam have caught a few legitimate users in the ban bot's crosshairs. Hopefully we'll see an appeal system added towards soft/perma banning. That's just my opinion but I don't see any of these things as flaws really, just a long road of fine tuning etc. One awesome part of Torum is that the Team Torum will pretty much hear every voice and complaint to take into consideration.... i've seen this very cool trait of the team potentially form a flaw... for instance the community massively complained about spam (while we already have the tools to unfollow/mute/remove from our feed) possibly causing an "over correction" resulting in legitimate users getting the soft ban. While it's very cool Team Torum wants to improve and get feedback i'd prefer to see them ignore some complaints of that magnitude or prioritize them very very low. A very solid strength of Torum and of the team but I doubt we'll see it become a major flaw, I think the team would address an issue like this before it got out of hand. On the other hand the community's majority did ask.... so an action is formed and the community must be prepared for the results. 

   My likes about Torum were mainly about 1 or 2 things simply because it's been more notable in my experience. There are several articles that go over the functionality better and in depth as the new functions are deployed. It feels like Crypto Facebook imo but with alot of other cool features! Other than that I have made amazing friends and met soooo many cool and generous people. The community has helped me out big time, from giving me WAX, helping me learn NFTs (idk why I was so confused about them lol), great feedback, sharing my content and majorly increasing my outreach, all kinds of great advice, and even free NFTs!!! I love having a language barrier on there to lol!!! The community has an incredible amount of talented people!!!! It's wild conversating with users and learning about their work and talents. I encourage anyone to point out the bad in Torum because there really isn't any!! If there is a flaw i'm confident it would be fixed thus becoming a strength. Don't let all the talented individuals discourage you from joining or participating as Torum has room for all!!! Torum is social media. Crypto is the topic but not restricted to. Torum promotes freedom of speech. Join in and talk about whatever you want!!! As a crypto platform we'll talk about crypto assets at one point for sure! Team Torum told me they just don't want toxicity and "prefer" crypto based topics! The community and environment is the best there is hands down!!! Very few but good arguments have arose in the community and Team Torum acted on them perfectly.... With no action and little to no comment!! Free speech and no biased enforcement is beyond refreshing! Tiny incidents like this are great to see how Team Torum would react. Sign up and start earning today!!!!!! Torum will just keep growing!!! It's functionality already eclipses that of facebook! Now "traditional" social media will attempt to integrate the functions we have here as they are now behind in the social media competition! While they are not in numbers, they make change to maintain these statistics but they are late!!!!

  Thank you so much everyone for reading my article. I really hope everyone enjoyed! I'm quite active on Torum so you can find me there!! Below you'll find some of my referral links to platforms and sites I use. As always I will try to post and voice unbiased opinions, my writings are simply just that and also based on my own experiences. Using my referral links to sign up for any platform or site will benefit me(which is appreciated). ALWAYS DYOR!!!! Lastly... PLZ Keep in mind this is not financial advice and i'm not a financial advisor!!! ALSO!! I am just a member/lander on Torum. I don't belong to any private investing rounds or have any other type of official/unofficial affiliation with Team Torum or Torum online or offline aside from my standard online Torum membership. Be safe and much love to all!!!!!

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I am the critesman1990
I am the critesman1990

What is up everyone!!! I am Critesman1990. I have been a troll my whole life and will hopefully receive a firm warning before I get banned. I grew up very poor and i'm still in a pretty low wealth class. I got involved in crypto assets roughly 5-6 years ago. I put all my crypto assets long ago into a "yield" type program and lost all of it...... I've re-entered crypto assets successfully and plan to buy a yacht to party on with a bunch of hot women... This is my story

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