I am the critesman1990

I am the critesman1990

What is up everyone!!! I am Critesman1990. I have been a troll my whole life and will hopefully receive a firm warning before I get banned. I grew up very poor and i'm still in a pretty low wealth class. I got involved in crypto assets roughly 5-6 years ago. I put all my crypto assets long ago into a "yield" type program and lost all of it...... I've re-entered crypto assets successfully and plan to buy a yacht to party on with a bunch of hot women... This is my story

Torum, where Critesman1990 normally posts

2 Dec 2021 8 minute read 0 comments Critesman1990

   What is up guys!!!! I am the Critesman1990 and Torum is where I spend a lot of my time online these days! I at least have Torum opened on a browser tab while I do the online things. First thing to say about Torum is just wow, out of all the projec...

Crypto.com, NEXO, or BlockFi????

24 Nov 2021 3 minute read 1 comment Critesman1990

   These are just a few but more renown options for a "crypto card"/lending/interest bearing/blah blah blah type platform. The large amount of features on these platforms is pretty badass though... Crypto.com with the Metal Visa based crypto cards an...