The Hudson Valley Music Festival #HugSomeoneDammit is Almost Here

If you live near Middletown, New York, know anyone in the area, or like to travel to music festivals, consider getting tickets to one of the largest music festivals in the area. There’s live music, great food, recreational options including camping, swimming, paintball, a ropes course, and ziplining, and even a bonfire, so even if you aren’t a huge fan of music events, there’s something for everyone.

As we mentioned in our first article on the event, the festival is being put together by Battle Entertainment and this event is their largest one yet. There are only 1,500 tickets available for each day. The price is $30 for one day admission, or $50 for both days. Tickets for kids 3–12 are only $10, and children under 3 are admitted for free.


If you’re interested in staying overnight, camp areas and spaces for RVs are available to rent. Why stay over? Less travel. Also, there’s the bonfire, hosted by Jennie Angel and other musicians. S’mores, hotdog and hamburger kits will be available for purchase. And did we mention less travel. Save some gas; burn less fossil fuel.


Want to really live it up? VIP cabana tents are available. The tents include eight tickets, with tables and chairs, waitress service for beer or wine, and a cheese and cracker platter. The package also comes with a continental breakfast on Sunday, autographs from the performers, and other extras, such as pool access. VIP cabanas are $700 for one day, and $1,000 for two days. More information about the package is available at EventBright.


There are a bunch of artists that will be playing at the event. To see a full list, check out the artists page on the HugSomeoneDammit website. The schedule follows the same order as the artist listing. The event DJ is DJ Dukes, a Hudson Valley native, who plays throughout the Hudson Valley region, Yonkers, and in NYC. Fitting with the theme, the artists are all from the Hudson Valley and surrounding regions. This event really supports the idea of local community.


Hudson Valley Music Festival #HugSomeoneDammit2019 is is all about community: from the event sponsors, to the artists artists and vendors. Fitting with this theme, three not-for-profit organizations will be at the event to help raise some money during the show.

  • Honor Flight, which flys veterans down to Washington DC… its a big to do around here.
  • Music For Humanity, which raises money for scholarships for high school seniors going to college for music.
  • Bags for Justice which is group out of Monticello High, which teaches kids screen printing and helps keep them in school.

We’re expecting the event to be a lot of fun and we hope everyone has a good time. Hope to see you there.


Again, the website is, if you need more information. This article was originally published on the Hudson Valley Living publication on Medium.


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