Hitting The Trending Page for The Third Time in Four Months on Publish0x, But Never on Steemit

Hitting The Trending Page for The Third Time in Four Months on Publish0x, But Never on Steemit

It's pretty hard to hit the trending page nowadays, without paying bid bots, isn't it? Well, not for me, and not on Steemit. In here I have not managed yet to get there, although my big ego tells me I deserved to hit that page at least once. I'm not going to trash Steemit in this post, or Steem, and neither the community. I simply don't have such attitude to my first love for blogging.

Talking about trending pages though, you should know that publish0x has one as well, and your boy @acesontop, the below average blogger, was featured there three times by now. This one being the third one, with a post that I first published on Steem, having the exact title as here, and being about Steem, not Steemit: The Migration of Steem is Just a Tiny Reflection of the Crypto Reality. The post has currently a payout of $2.5 and it's about what I can earn with a good post in here as well, not a trending worthy one.

I know that the payout is just two loafs of bread but the feeling of being featured among the best is priceless, and now being so frustrated about the whole situation with Steem, it makes my blogging experience a bit sweeter, after being gifted with such a trending feature. I must confess that I haven't dedicated yet, any time to engaging properly over there, I just simply cross post whatever I share on Steem, and somehow I don't have a community there, and don't feel publish0x being as close to my heart as Steem is, for now...

I still feel good about such moments though, and most of us would, especially when you know you deserve it, and let's face it. In over one thousand posts, excluding shitposting because I've done that also, I believe I should have become a trending author at least one, and I'm not the only Steem blogger in this category. I guess there are plenty that have never stepped on the trending page but deserved that 100%.

All that happening thanks to circle jerking and to paid upvotes. Publish0x sends posts based on the same criteria to trending section, and that's the post's payout, but never have I seen any garbage getting there. Yes, it's centralized, the platform can put you down if you plagiarize, or abuse it, but somehow they managed to get themselves a quality trending page while Steem...

...being, theoretically a fully decentralized blockchain platform, is dealing for years with a shitty trending page, that is actually the page that welcomes every newcomer. Congrats publish0x for doing a better job for this matter, and shame on us, that we couldn't repair ours in four years. Some great years for Ned, as he confessed.

In terms of engagement I have to say that the mentioned post has had more comments than on the same one on Steem, even before getting to trending, and now has already doubled. They also added a rating option, besides the tipping one where you get your payout from, and I've currently have 44 people that appreciate that post. And no, there's no curation trails there where one gets to decide for a couple hundred more and they all get their names on the upvotes, near the payout.

Both the tipping part, and the appreciating or disliking one's post, is hand and individual made, and the funny part is that you don't get to see who's behind the thumbs ups or downs, nore the tips. Basically you don't know what ass you have to lick to get more in the future. It's humans among, and against humans, and that's what I appreciate a lot on publish0x.

I hated bots ever since I found about them, and that's why I'm still an under 70 reputation score user, after two years of almost daily blogging. Because I haven't bought huge amounts of upvotes to make me a trend and a "reputable user" over the night, and I'm glad I've done that. 99.9% of what I have here is thanks to YOU. Real folks, and resurrected bid bots, that upvoted my content and considered it worthy of your upvotes. THANK YOU again.

Closing my ramblings about getting to the trending page on publish0x, and expressing my frustrations of not getting on Steemit trending page not even once, I can confess that I would really like to be able to blog on both platforms as I am currently doing, and milk them both ;), but if Steem will get screwed and won't feel like being active on here anymore, you can surely find me on publish0x.

Yours truly, @acesontop.

Thanks for attention,


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