The Migration of Steem is Just a Tiny Reflection of the Crypto Reality

The Migration of Steem is Just a Tiny Reflection of the Crypto Reality

The new CEO of Steemit, you know who he is and I won't mention him thousands of time, has twitted a few hours ago about the clear intentions of migrating Steem to Tron, so if any of you is still in doubt about this future reality, you should think again, and be honest with yourself. Steem will never be the same and the road is already paved.

From what I read recently, Poloniex has already announced their support for the transition and there will be just a matter of time until the rest of the large exchanges will do that. Bye bye Steem. It's Steem Tron from now on.

The catch, as there always is one, is that he also announced partnerships with Samsung, DLive, Opera and Poloniex to make all of this catchier. I don't bite this shit. I know that the social media platform will live further with most of its current apps and that most of the users will continue doing what they're doing, on Tron, but Steem will never be Steem again.

You won't be able to recommend it as a censorship free alternative anymore, because it won't be the case. Once it moves to Tron, there will be Tron's rules, and centralization is what will be served daily. For some cases centralization will help, and somehow this situation proves that we can't handle decentralization properly yet.

People are to immature to self governance and the proof is that we are too savage with each other once we have full freedom. One thing that I don't think will exist on Steem Tron is what the era of haejins had to offer. I believe that once the token will be a Tron based one many rules will change, if there were any.

It's a paradox of what happens in the crypto world and that's not Satoshi's vision. For years, crypto fanatics have praised decentralization, freedom of speech, financial freedom and so on, and all they want now is for governments to regulate cryptocurrencies, to leverage trade and futures trade, to pay more taxes thanks to a new type of assets, and nothing more. Don't tell me that I haven't told you but...

...crypto will never have the future that we imagine. Gradually everything, that supposedly was created as decentralized and private, will become just a tool for more mass surveillance, more tracking, more control over the population and so on. If they can track stolen BTC why can't they track yours, the freedom fighter. Now it's really obvious for me.

I believe that crypto is still a money making machine, and I'll profit from that as much as possible, but I don't believe it will ever offer the freedom that it was promised. The way I see it, it's gradually getting into the control of the leaders and moguls that lead the world, and that's not freedom of any sort for me.

I really have no clue if I will continue to blog on this platform after the whole transition, but I feel highly disappointed about Steem's current situation. It was a world one of a kind and now its days are numbered. On one hand I can understand the witnesses that will cope with the new leadership, but on the other hand, is this the outcome that you advocated for four years on this blockchain?

For now, the whole thing is still a shock for many of us, but after a year or two you will see the difference and trust me there will be one for sure, and not towards decentralization. It's the tenth time when I'm saying this and I'm repeating it again, Steem will never be the same. Now I can really understand @berniesanders...but it's probably too late.

Here's another one from the CEO and tell me you like this guy...

Even he calls Tron a shitcoin, although he can't pronounce it properly. Oh, and I almost forgot. If you haven't thought about how Sun made his money, think of Jack Ma.

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