The Karotowa River in Bangladesh is very beautiful

The Karotowa River in Bangladesh is very beautiful

# Bangladesh is a riverine country, Bangladesh is one of the biggest river.most of the river name karotowa river.

The river Karatoya in Sadarpur upazila in Sirajganj district of Bangladesh.

Located 7 from Sirajganj of sadarpur.Today I and my friends mingle with Kotak to see the beauty of a river.2 hours ago present the sadatpur.
We enjoyed the river Korotoa on a boat trip by boat for a long time.I enjoyed the old song on the boat and saw a lot of it.
# Our boat was a sailing boat. When the sail was in the boat, it got louder and the river could be fully enjoyed.
I had a lot of fun playing with friends all day, laughing and laughing.I could not understand where those happy times went.
Underneath a beautiful bucket our fool stood and we went down there and ate and drank.

The boat capacity was really nice and a lot of fun so I want you all to come on a boat trip.




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