I am rayhan.I like to fast blog name is steemit.It is good blog.steemit is very big blog.It is very well.publishix blog joined i am very happy. It good blog.I am from Bangladesh.I love my country.

Those days are still remembered today

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# Thes days are very fun.I keep thinking again and again.we are going to the Rajshahi. me and my friends going to them. Thoses days are very enjoy friends very happy to them because the place is very beautiful. we are fast going to forest cam...

A beautiful railway station in Bangladesh

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# Captain M Mansur Ali Station located in Sirajganj, Bangladesh is a beautiful station. ![image]( Arriving 12 km from our Sirajganj city, Captain M Mansur Ali left the station for all kinds of trains from Dhaka to...

My sister drawing the pictures

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my little sister name is kona, she is reading class seven.she live in Bamgladesh. Sirajgonj in her district. Her school name is sabuj kanon high school and collage.The school is very good qualityfull school. all students are very good result her scho...

Today, My sweet naphew is a motorcycle driver.

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# The little boy name is Rahat korim Ranok.Her Father name us Razaul karim.Her mother name is Sharmin Nahar.He from Bangladesh distric of Sirajgonj. He is 2years old. He is very cute boy.He is my sweet nephew.He is very cool boy.I have a lot of fun w...

Sirajganj Ecopark on the banks of the river Jamuna in our Sirajganj

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# A beautiful life in our Bangladesh Sirajganj district is bringing all kinds of beautiful things to this Sirajganj and these things have added the most beauty to our Jamuna river and the banks of this Jamuna EcoPark EcoPark in Sirajganj.https://trip...

The day that I really so much but missed a lot

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I missed the day very much like that day did not want to go to the primitive hunting with friends, finally made fun of many beautiful places along the river ![IMG20180909160409.jpg](

Railways are an important term in Bangladesh

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# The mode of travel of Bangladesh is the highest with three river flags and the passenger railway is the highest. ![image]( facilities and passenger fares are low, their financial costs are low and cost is...

Natural conditions floating in flood water

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![image]( # Bangladesh's seasonal story-poems make Bangladesh more beautiful every year when its products are seen in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a seasonal wind...

The pond is very beautiful

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desh is small country but Bangladesh is very beautiful country. Bangladesh is river country , many river are them Bamgladesh.sirajgonj are in our city, the sirajgonj is very beautiful country, many pond are them sirajgonj. ![](https://d1vof77qrk4l5q....

Foodball is the popular game

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Everybody like to game. but foodball game is one of the best game in the world.everybody like to foodball game.Foodball game are popular game in the world.this game are very harmful game. we are very happy becous our Banglades every village mans play...