Ten Species Macrophotography of my self.
Ten Species Macrophotography of my self.

Ten Species Macrophotography of my self.

Ten Species Macrophotography of my self.


Assalamualaikum everyone how are you?I know nobody is well relexly cause covid-19 situation is so bad.btw,,take care of your self.

So friends today i will share my Macrophotography with you all,and i will share top 10 Macrophotography of my galary.

Today Macrophotography is Small insects photography,
before i was share one insect but step by step,now 10 species insects i will share.Hope all of like this.

We know that Macrophotography is one of the popular Photography of the photography sections.Also Macrophotography is so hard sector in the photography.
Macrophotography is not possible for all,cause it's need huge patience, huge experience, huge skill,when a Macrophotographer going to do photography he have to wait for good caption of pictures otherwise he wouldn't be success.

When a Macrophotographer took pictures then he need to off her breath cause it's game of breath off.Who off her breath photography time he can achive good pictures otherwise who don't off her breathing during the Macrophotography, he can't achive good pictures.

Lot of people's love and like Macrophotography, believe me i am one of them.i also try to show out good Macrophotography.

Btw today i just try to provide 10 species insect Macrophotography , next i will show out more, just wait and see.

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Big Thanks to stephenkendal sir for promoting steem always,also thanks for the support. Behind the Macrophotography :


Phone Details Camera Samsung Catagory Macrophotography C.MODEL M31 Capture @nevlu123 Editing Only seturation

Best Regards @nevlu123 And Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post


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I just join here for the shareing some blog,photography E,T,C


Great holy welcome of beloved Rasul to us is coming of light to our dark life.collect from Imam Hayat

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