I created my own trading robot on Kryll.io!

By Patator | How to win bitcoin? | 16 Aug 2020

Hello, new article on Publish0x about this fabulous French platform, which is revolutionizing the world of trading robots.It's been several months now that I've been building a trading robot thanks to the great tool that is Kryll.io!

Kryll platform: https://kryll.io/

Robot available here: https://platform.kryll.io/marketplace/kokki-bot

I wanted to show you the results over the last 11 months thanks to the backtests as well as my sessions launched since 4 weeks and the results on the few dumps and bearish periods, because that's the interest of robots, it's in bearish periods.

Backtests over the last 11 months :


Bearish periods:



Thanks to all of you, I really recommend the platform!

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How to win bitcoin?
How to win bitcoin?

In this blog, I will show you how to earn cryptocurrencies for free, or what are the most profitable investments. I will therefore present several platforms so I will make tutorials on it!

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