Bitcoin, has it become a toxic relationship?

By soy pobre | Gabriel Rosas | 5 May 2022


Today I will write about something different than usual.

I have recently read several articles commenting on whether we are indeed facing a disaster or a cyclical phenomenon, in my case I have taken it very calmly, especially because I am new to cryptocurrencies and I have not invested much money, so I do not have much to lose.

It is also interesting this panorama, because it makes it easier to understand a little more how volatile this market is, (basically if you know the "ugly" side of your girlfriend and still love her, that's love), it has also generated me some personal concerns, if I really should continue investing real money in cryptocurrencies (translated to the previous example, should I invest my energy in a relationship with an unstable person or not).

In my honest opinion, I think this is really the future, the projects behind each cryptocurrency are incredible, the implementation of a mechanism that can decentralize finance is revolutionary (heck I am definitely in love with cryptocurrencies, it will be hard when I perceive that I get all my money).

In particular the concept of POW or POS, as a system of validation and functioning in collective decision making, is really great, if you don't know it I suggest you investigate it, there are still several platforms that explain it very well (yes I am in love).

In short, I think that cryptocurrencies are an irreversible phenomenon that will change the world, as the internet or computers were before, so that money you have put there I do not think it will vanish or become a nice number that exists only in a worthless database. (The same I hope for the relationship with my girlfriend).

I also have to recognize that I am Argentinean and in my country, we are used to crises, financial catastrophes and that the value of our money becomes zero from one day to the next, so from my perspective, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market in recent times, is like a normal day in Argentina.
So don't worry, you can't do anything now! Just enjoy the show.
See you next time!



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Gabriel Rosas
Gabriel Rosas

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