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Decred Coin (DCR) is a cryptocurrency and decentralized autonomous organization (DOA) made by Company 0 in 2016. It is a decentralized blockchain network that incorporates and prioritizes decentralized governance and decision making on the blockchain itself. 

Short for decentralized credit, Decred takes Bitcoins best features and introduces mechanisms to improve governance and decision making, a mechanism to limit the mining influence and also a mechanism to conduct Atomic Swaps - a method of transacting between two cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized exchange. The main feature of Decred is the fact that it offers complete autonomy to stakeholders as improvement and decisions are voted upon and enacted directly by the miners and stakers within the network. Decred are hoping to reduce, and possibly eliminate, hard forks as every user will have a vote. 

The mining consensus algorithm on Decred is a hybrid version which employs both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) where both the miners and stakers receive the usual rewards for their relative roles. Mining on PoW is similar to that of mining on Bitcoin. To take part in the Proof-of-Stake system, users must use DCR to buy tickets that will allow you to participate. The staking system encourages longer-term investment in Decred as the DCR is tied up for a few weeks in the staking process. Once the user has received the ticket, it is placed in a pool and will be drawn out randomly. The system is designed so that you have a 50% chance of being chosen within 28 days and a 99.5% chance to be chosen before your ticket expires. 

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Decred Journal - June 2021

14 Jul 2021 16 minute read 0 comments Richard Red

  Core Lattice by @saender June’s highlights: An upcoming consensus upgrade was approved on Politeia which would make future consensus changes easier, more reliable, and more secure. A bug with the checks on treasury spending saw a limit which is t...

Decred Journal - May 2021

9 Jun 2021 17 minute read 1 comment Richard Red

Qubism Ascend by @saender Highlights for May: The new Treasury system is actively receiving block rewards and has already been tested with the first of the new tspend transactions being approved and mined. Version 1.6.3 of node and wallet software...

Episode 26: ICX and DCR (“ZugzWang”! Do you like chess?)

2 Jun 2021 14 minute read 10 comments SirGerardThe1st

We are suffering a campaign perfectly orchestrated by commercial banks, central banks, and governments to discredit the crypto-sphere, which unfortunately has an effect on the ignorant and people of good faith who approached the ecosystem with good i...

Decred Journal - April 2021

12 May 2021 11 minute read 0 comments Richard Red

April’s highlights: Decred’s 6th consensus vote has passed with unanimous approval and high voter turnout. Politeia v1.0 is now live with more scalable and future-proof infrastructure. Politeia’s first proposal is being voted on to formalize the de...

Decred Journal - March 2021

13 Apr 2021 19 minute read 1 comment Richard Red

Highlights for March: The consensus vote to enable the new treasury system has been approved and should activate around May 7, at which point nodes running software older than v1.6 will be forked off the network. v1.6.2 was released in early Apr, it...

Decred Journal - February 2021

14 Mar 2021 17 minute read 0 comments Richard Red

Image: L2 by @saender February’s highlights: v1.6.1 software was released, it adds bug fixes and UX improvements to the 1.6 release PoW and PoS upgrade thresholds were met, but not before a ticket voting policy which forces miners to upgrade was re...

Hasta La Vista, HashShiny

5 Mar 2021 3 minute read 1 comment LoonyLiberal

For someone who frequently discusses the importance of passive income, I have put quite a bit of thought this week into my overall investment strategy. Earlier this week, I blogged about compound interest (which is a great idea) and Rollercoin (which...

Decred Journal - January 2021

10 Feb 2021 21 minute read 1 comment Richard Red

Image: Overflow Dissipation by @saender Happy Birthday, Decred! Behind are five years of non-stop development and delivery on the promise of decentralization, one pragmatic step at a time. January was no different: v1.6 is out, check the Hidden Hyd...

Decred Blockchain Analysis - Part 2 PoW wow

27 Jan 2021 16 minute read 0 comments Richard Red

Getting tangled up in the Decred chain Since my first report about the Decred blockchain data, I have descended into its depths in an effort to understand what we can learn about the network. This work has progressed in three directions that have som...

Top 10 Best Performing Rewards Earning Crypto Assets - December 2020 Summary

18 Jan 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Chriss

Hi, Insight Readers. First, let’s go back to last month’s best assets before going straight to December’s list. November’s top performing coins gave us superb earnings that can be expressed as over the moon results. To elaborate more, the report from...