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By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 20 Aug 2021

Early Mornings | Is It Necessary?

Is it a necessity that we get up early to get on with our mental and spiritual pursuits? Not necessary but one of the bests, if possible, to do. That means meditation or other energy exercises work any time in the day. Then why the morning? Because of the added calm that comes in the morning.

As you can check from the best of spiritual advice, the thing with morning is the peace of mind which we are blessed with. What this does is, allows us to catch unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts point-blank. When you become aware of these thoughts, all you need to do is clean them off your mind. And you are ready for a healthy and productive life.


That is the essence of the need for waking up early in the morning and getting on with things. In fact, I was listening to a spiritual guru recently who was talking about the need to get up early in the morning. He put it in a way we all can easily understand. He said that as God or the universe is trying to communicate with us, we are constantly drowning in thoughts – both our own and those around us. But in the morning, not only are our immediate thoughts muted but also the others’. By others, he meant that all are sleeping, so the noise around us is also muted. Our inspiration can, therefore, come to us unhindered and in a more focused manner. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


What If I am Not An Early Riser?

No harm done.

In fact, as I mentioned in the previous section, any of the energy exercises work well at any time of the day. It is only that the power is a bit more accentuated and focused early in the morning. The quantum of benefits witnesses a rise.

We can argue that if it is all about emptying our mind and reducing noise (thoughts and words) around us, won’t sleeping late after doing the energy exercises achieve the same thing? It would but understand that there is a basic difference. If we are going to sleep late, we haven’t finished with the previous day yet. This means that all the day's thoughts, experiences, and noises are still fresh with us. And what do we expect as we try to quieten our minds? Those same experiences and thoughts will come flooding in. And this is what we don’t have to deal with while waking up in the morning.

In the morning, our mind is still fresh from the rest it has got, and there is a gap before old muck starts flooding in. The energy exercises like meditation, EFT, and others are what helps us to steer towards positivity before the muck flows in. If we realize, once we do the energy exercise, the muck has nowhere else to go but flow away from you. That’s the power of the morning.

So, I Should Plan to Get Up Early?

Yes, and I would highly recommend it.

Why not give it a try? Any habit can be formed by doing it continuously for 21-days, and the same goes with early rising. Give it a shot, and you would love it. Without exploring something you haven’t done before, how would you know which one you love more? You may surprise yourself.


Early morning is a whole new experience pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I wasn’t a big follower until I practiced and experienced it. It is life-changing. From feeling rejuvenated to getting up feeling powerful to deal with anything, mornings offer a great start.

Besides, you don’t have to try too hard. Most of the work life anyway make us get up in the morning, so can we get up a bit early to make life fuller. That is something we have to decide for ourselves. Once we do it, we will see that we do more, be more, and receive more. How could that be bad? If it is not, then like I said before, give it a try. 😊

Morning Morning!

So, getting up early and setting up your life could ensure success far beyond your wildest imagination. You have to experience it to know it. And how can you experience it?

Get up early to find out! 😊


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** [Sasint]( at Pixabay | Alexas at Pixabay


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