1947, A Love story | Independance soaked in Blood | Episode 2

1947, A Love story | Independance soaked in Blood | Episode 2

By Honeychum | honeychum | 21 Apr 2019

Rajbir boarded the train while Asma had the tear in her eyes and Aarif Mohammad was trying to keep her calm. The train blew the horn and they both could see the distance growing in between them and it was just a matter of seconds before they both lost sight of each other.

Rajbir could feel a vacuum around him. He felt like as if he has left his soul, his motive behind. Now all he had was the inspiration. Inspiration to do good for Asma. The desire to make a better life for Asma. The train was running at its speed, leaving all that behind what witnessed the precious moments of their love. Farms, Trees, Ponds all were left behind. He closed his eyes to visualise Asma's face, her eyes which contained the depth of Oceans. He could hear her voice mingled along with the sound of a flute. He could see her earrings dancing to the melody of music. All of a sudden he heard some loud argument. Two men were arguing loudly with each other.

Rajbir heard them arguing over India and Pakistan's partition.




One of the spectators stepped in between and tried to calm them down. He was an old man who would be around 60 years old and seemed to be a Muslim. My child, we should not even think about the division of our motherland. This is our country and both Hindus and Muslims have sacrificed a lot for this Independence. How can we give a wound to our mother? For a moment there was pin drop silence.

Please uncle you keep quiet. For centuries these bloody Hindus have suppressed Muslims. Now we Muslims want our own land and we will decide the future of our community and not any Hindu Baniya (A cast in Hindus). For the first time, we Muslims are unanimously demanding for our rights. This time Jinnah will make it sure that our demands are not denied. Muslims can never allow a Hindu party to rule over.

Old man: But my child we all are children of this Land. We have celebrated all the festivals together. You tell me one thing, my child that how many Muslims migrated to India from Arab (Middle East) or Afghanistan? Majority of us have converted Muslims. This land had been harvested with the blood of our ancestors. How can we deny that?

Then suddenly one man stood up "who seemed to be the loyal supporter of the Muslim League" and shouted, shut up you old man otherwise we will show you right now and here that who is the true disciple of Islam and who are converted Muslims. It is just because the traitors like you that had made Congress so powerful.

Rajbir saw the argument heating up to the extent that it could trigger fight anytime. Come on my brothers, What are you doing. Have you guys forgotten our culture? you are abusing and threatening our elder and this is not right. Please calm down for some time.

To be continued......


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