You May Lose All You Have!

You May Lose All You Have!

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 6 Mar 2020

Sistemkoin, which is Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange website, recently became a current issue of most users because of several withdrawal problems.


Sistemkoin is founded in 2018 and it became the most liquid(!) cryptocurrency exchange compared to other Turkish exchanges and also it has more altcoin trading pairs than the others have. But these features can’t make it a reliable and secure exchange. Until March 2020, there are lots of complaints about Sistemkoin and most of these complaints focuse on similar withdrawal problems.

The Turkish people have a website which lets them tos hare about any kind of website/ product etc… to another people. As you can see, there’re tons of complaints about problems on Sistemkoin. Most of them are shown as relieved but some of them are still a problem for users. And here there is another ‘’scam’’ progress of sistemkoin from Jan,2019. You can find lots of these sites about problems on Sistemkoin while you are surfing on the net.


And the latest of scam anouncements of Sistemkoin has made through a Medium article. Jeff, the owner of Medium account, claims that he tried to withdraw about 1.58 Bitcoin in total to his personal wallet but it didn’t arrive even though it’s shown as ‘’completed’’ on the website. If you read the whole article you can find that the transfer of 1.58 Bitcoin was made, it’s completed but it made to wrong wallet instead of his personal one. The Customer Service of Sistemkoin started to reply him in longer time firstly and at the end-stage, his IP of login is blocked. So he neither got 40,000$ worth of Bitcoin nor the remaining cryptocurrencies in exchange account. He leaves an email address at the end of the article to strengthen the users of Sistemkoin against getting scammed by them.

You can simply search ‘’sistemkoin’’ on Google or other browsers but the same result will happen. You will see a lot of scam history about this exchange. Cryptocurrency investing or trading is risky movement, all users know and accept this risk but it doesn’t mean that you should be ready to get scammed by exchanges. Please help us to share the awareness about Sistemkoin so nobody will be get scammed by them.

HODL the Universe
HODL the Universe

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