How I Made 5X on Onederx?

How I Made 5X on Onederx?

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 16 Mar 2020

On one of the hot days of 2019 summer, I found the ‘’Onederx’’ website to trade on it. After some research, I realized that they give ‘’10$ welcome bonus’’ for newbies. Up to this day, I never got bonus from any of the cryptocurrency exchanges so at first I didn’t believe it. Even though I didn’t believe it, I applied for the welcome bonus on their Telegram account via contacting the official admin. After the contact on 3rd of June, they credited my account on 7th of June with 0.00126 BTC which was equivalent to 10$ at that day. Now the adventure started!

After some trades as beginner, I lost 70% of my funds in several days and become upset. So I’ve decided not to trade anymore and let them to get their 3$ remaining bonus but they DID NOT. After 1 week from last trade, I logged in to my account back again and see 9$ total balance in my account! How is it possible? Did they funded my account one more time? The answer is ‘’YES’’. They funded my account with 6$ as ‘’the most lucky trader of that day’’, which is one of the leaderboard sections. So I re-started to trade with 9$ with more careful actions.

What is the ‘’leaderboard section’’ on Onederx?

The Onederx team offers you to earn more different than trading. There are 5 different chapters on the related page and you can earn different amounts of BTC with becoming the ‘’first 3 of any chapters’’ in one or more parts. The total distributed amount is shown on the top part of the page. Also your registered email address or nickname will be highlighted with blue color if you can achieve to become first 3. If you are in the list, your reward is sent to your account within 30 seconds after 18.00 UTC everyday. As you can see, it's possible to get more than 1 rewards per day: Oct 5, 2019.

Those are my earnings from the leaderboard section below:


The lowest one is ''10$ welcome bonus''

Is it possible to withdraw money from Onederx?

YES, you can withdraw welcome bonus from Onederx if you meet the requirements. There are 3 parameters to meet for withdrawing ‘’welcome bonus’’:

1- You must reach 1000$ trading volume with 10$. It seems impossible but you can use 20x leverage so with only 5 different orders it could be achieved.

2- You must be active on exchange for over 1 weeks. It means that ‘’the first succesfully filled order’’ must be older than 1 week.

3- You must chat the admin again and give some feedbacks about how to advance Onederx.

After all, you can withdraw your money into your personal wallet. Please remember that minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC and the related fee is 0.0002 BTC per each transaction. There is not any specific time for withdrawing like on another futures exchanges so you can withdraw your money WHENEVER YOU WANT.

This picture shows all of my withdrawal amounts from Onederx:


Welcome Bonus still available?

NO, the team decided to end the program on mid-July actually. This time is before my first withdrawal so none of my friends can get their 10$ trading bonus. But you are free to deposit and get profit via using my referral link. Also if you get some referrals and your invitees become one the ‘’leaderboard winners’’ you can get additional 40% bonus from reward.

What is ‘’Blitz’’ on Onederx?

This is one of the revolutionary features of Onederx. The system is basic: Predict the way of BTC in the following minute as ‘’MOON’’ for higher and ‘’DOOM’’ for lower prices with the 1$ worth BTC bet amount at least. If your prediction is correct, you will get the total bet amount on that minute, if you are wrong this means you lose 1$. You can bet up to 128$ in one minute. But there some rules to play on Blitz, you can check full details here.


After brief explanation of Onederx, let me show you my withdrawal records. I said that ‘’my welcome bonus’’ equals to 0.00126 BTC. So this, this and this withdrawals were made from Onederx, as you can check from the picture. Totally I got about 0.0067 BTC and it's more than 5X, actually. 


If you are interested in trading on Onederx, you can follow this link for registration process.

If you are interested in writing articles about ANYTHING on publish0x, you can follow this link.


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