A Social Network Themed Around Soccer, Built on Stellar Blockchain: TheFutbolApp

A Social Network Themed Around Soccer, Built on Stellar Blockchain: TheFutbolApp

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 22 Feb 2021

Greetings Publish0x community, today I want to introduce you to the mobile app themed around soccer, football players, clubs, and many more, namely TheFutbolApp. TheFutbolApp or TFA is a social network that anyone can follow the latest news about any football team, player, coach while you have the right to discuss and share the news in it. At first sight, you may think that TFA is not different than any other social media platform such as Twitter or Reddit, but it has more distinctive features for non-professionals and small businessmen. Go on reading...


What is TheFutbolApp, briefly?

TheFutbolApp is a mobile application that is designed for fans, players, clubs, coaches, merchants, and many more. TFA is mainly founded around football and anything you think that has a relationship to football is in this app. You can follow the news of your favorite teams, players, or even coach while checking their stats at the same time. On that feature, the TFA team uses Stellar chain to reach more audiences, to let anyone contribute to the growth of TheFutbolApp, to make transactions as fast and cheap as possible. Now let's dive into the details. 

Soccer (Football) is the most popular sport worldwide. With over 3 billion fans and over 200 million professional players, nearly two-thirds of the world's population is directly interested in football. So, the biggest opportunity to involve anywhere related to football is still open for anyone. For a fan, he/she must follow the favorite team from different social networks. For a player, it must be hard to interact with all of the followers divided among popular social networks. For coaches, it must be hard to track every moment his/her players. In short, there are many problems to solve because of not having a directly football-based social network all around the world. Now let's see how TFA solves these problems with an all-in-one feature...


  • For Football Players: You may think that most of the popular players can reach and attract fans easily by different social networks. But many of them should follow each other to express that they are a real team in all words. So it may cause some conflict between them about who follows, who not. In TheFutbolApp, if you follow a single team, you follow each player on that team, too. On the other hand, for the non-professionals, it must be hard to reach enough audiences to show skills and statistics. TFA will allow anyone to upload his/her skills' video clips and give them the right to be featured on the mobile app.
  • For Coaches: Most of the current communication between the team and the coach is on WhatsApp or Telegram. And as you know, this kind of social apps has the opportunity to release information about anyone to third parties which is granted to them by an unreadable agreements contract. So it may cause data leaks which could be useful for the opponent team or directly harm the individuals. By using TFA, you will not worry about them anymore. In addition to that, the coaches can organize new events for their team within the app. 
  • For Football Clubs: If you think as a professional club manager, you think you may not need social networks because there are already lots of fans you have all around the world. But the show must go on! So, social networks are highly useful. For example, the clubs can post a clip of their new transfer to attract fans or organize an online event for the YouTube subscribers. All of them mean another work to do. In such an ecosystem, TheFutbolApp provides you ''all-in-one'' app to post videos, organize events, create discussion groups, and many more. In that way, both the clubs and fans should do less to become updated always. With only one click, you have access to all the information, news, and statistics for any team and team members you follow. 
  • For Businessmen: If you're an advertiser, the best moment to show an ad should be the ''Goal'' moments. The highest audience count will be reached just after the goals. But to make it happen, you must have direct communication with the team's responsible members. On the TFA, you have the opportunity to reach them with one click. Besides that, if you assume an unknown businessman wants to promote its products while the match goes on, it is harder than ever. Within the TheFutbolApp, they reach enough audiences to promote themselves. 

To realize all the goals I have stated above, the TFA team created a token on the Stellar chain. The name of it is TheFutbolCoin (TFC). Now let's analyze the tokenomics and features of TFC at all.


The Native Token: $TheFutbolCoin - $TFC

$TFC is the native token of TheFutbolApp. It can be earned through challenges within the app, it may be used to advertise by both the players, businessmen, and the clubs, or TFC can be your access ticket to limited-edition special products inside the app. With the growing ecosystem of TheFutbolApp, users will be able to earn and hold more TFCs in the future. 

For the TFA itself, 500 million TFC tokens are obtained to earn. You can collect TFC tokens via inviting new members to the app, starting and making the discussions popular, or just posting good content related to your favorite teams. The wallet page inside the app will allow anyone to have some TFCs with transferring the funds to one another. Or you can buy TFC tokens directly on StellarPort exchange which is a decentralized exchange built on the Stellar chain acquired by Litemint. Please check this post for more information about Litemint and StellarPort. Besides that, TFC is available for trading on Latoken now and will be available to trade on Bittrex tomorrow. 

Within the app, the wallet's private key is not given to you. They claim that the team behind TFA will do the necessary work and store the secret keys. Anyway, 41 TFCs that I got a long time ago are still in my wallet, no need to worry about them. But please remember that you must activate your XLM wallet to store, receive, and send XLM chain-based tokens. To activate them you must ''lock'' some amount of XLM native tokens. Those lockings are not permanent so you can deactivate them anytime. You can assume this process like staking some EOS tokens to receive resources and start utilizing them. There is no loss of funds but you are not able to utilize them until the deactivation happens, that's all. 


As you can see from the picture above, adding trust to any tokens already created on the Stellar chain costs around 0.5 XLM which equals 0.25$ at the time of writing. 


Why Stellar is Chosen?

  • The stellar chain is easy to use anywhere and anytime
  • Compared to other existing chains, Stellar provides cheaper and faster transactions.
  • The Stellar chain is easier to create new tokens, NFTs, or other kinds of rewards for future growth. 
  • It's listed on major exchanges already, so the user confidence is at a high level. This makes new projects attract more compared to other ones. 
  • The transaction fees are as low as some cents. So both whales and little chads can use any application built on the Stellar chain. 


How to Participate in TheFutbolApp Community?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the TheFutbolApp community and support any team you love, please follow this link to start. Every new invitee makes you earn 5000 points which can be further exchanged to TFC or to be used to purchase any kind of goods within the app. But you must activate your TFC account by adding trust. Please follow the in-app instructions to see how to make it happen.

In TheFutbolApp (TFA), likes on social posts are spendable points, so the wealth of the network is shared with its participants. Points can also be exchanged for TFC. This token is accepted by merchants around the world in limited amounts for payment in full for goods and services, food and drink. Participating Clubs also accept TFC for purchase of merchandise and tickets.


Please make sure you follow the official Twitter account of TFC or join the Telegram group to be updated. 


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*This article is created to spread the awareness of TheFutbolApp and its features by utilizing my own experiences, the WhitePaper, and the TheFutbolApp Medium Blog. None of the words above contain any kind of investment advice! Please DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing.*

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