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By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 12 Sep 2020

Blockchain technology and the emergence of cryptocurrencies were not the only innovations that the 2000s brought to our lives. 50 years ago, we reached a time when a mechanical device called a computer was the size of an average room. Now it fits in our pockets. During this time, the area of use of the computer also included the entertainment and gaming industry. At first, games played against an opponent created by the computer began to become platforms where people could fight against each other simultaneously, thanks to progressive possibilities. It has even reached such a level that it has now evolved into one of the most expensive interests of people today, with a market value of several billion dollars in the financial system. But despite this value and interest, the game industry is still connected to some companies and their personal interests. They created ‘'Litemint'’, which tried to eliminate that problem here and integrate the innovative layout into the online gaming industry.


What Is Litemint?

Litemint is a platform with more than 40,000 monthly users, trying to create a new taste of online gaming by bringing entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and game pioneers under one single roof. Litemint is a decentralized and open-source gaming organization created by Frederic Rezeau towards the end of 2018. It is designed in a way that everyone can use safely and conveniently without the need for any registration process. Litemint, which you can actively play 17 games now, does not only offer its users the opportunity to play games. In addition, users can create their own games on Litemint and present them to the community. The necessary documents for this can be reached through GitHub.

At the same time, users can participate in Daily Challenges, earn Litemint-specific NFTs, and receive their share of various rewards created on the Stellar blockchain. All you have to do for this is playing games and make an effort to become one of the first 3 people among all participants. Then you need to start the web app and choose GamerID  for yourself. Otherwise, your ranking will not be taken into account and you will not be able to benefit from rewards.


You do not need to register into the Web app. You can only access your account with a password between 4 and 12 characters. Then click on the ‘'Get your Gamer ID’' section at the bottom of the section that you will see. Then, query whether the user name you want to import is appropriate, and get the appropriate username. After this stage, your username will appear in the daily rankings and you will have a chance to win prizes.


How To Play

The newest game you can play on Litemint, which we can liken to a card game based on real-time individual or team challenge. After receiving your GamerID, it is quite simple to play this game, which appears at the top of the Home screen. After pressing the play button, resetting the life of the opponent is seen as the main goal of the game. You can jump ranks thanks to the ‘'Stars’' that you will win after each win and lose after each defeat. In addition, if you are on your lucky day, you can also have a token created on the Stellar blockchain called ‘'CREDIT'’ after some wins as a reward. You can then cash this token on any Stellar-based DEX and obtain the XLM token.



Of course, the rewards you can earn are not sorted by daily ranking payments or ''CREDIT''s. This is because you earn a limited number of tokens called "NFTs"  only at certain times. All you have to do to access the NFTs is keep going! In addition, you can also buy tokens produced on Stellar and specific to the Litemint platform any way you want on any DEX. Please click here to see all possible NFTs.


What are the advantages of Litemint users?

  • Fast pace, massively multiplayer IO style game.
  • Unique easy-to-learn gameplay with no learning curve.
  • Endless, instant match ups.
  • Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards.
  • Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts.
  • Card backs and legendary card collectibles.
  • All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX.
  • Smooth on-boarding.
  • Stellar account not mandatory. Players can link their Stellar account at any time.
  • Universal syncs on any platform.
  • Cyberpunk theme and original lore.
  • Full support for Litemint wallet apps platform features.


What is the Best Stellar DEX and Best Place to Trade NFTs?

As with Ethereum and many other chains, it is possible to create different tokens on the Stellar blockchain. These tokens, called ’'NFT", are also part of other tokens that can be created. Currently, the most suitable DEX exchanges for Stellar-based token trading are LOBSTR, Interstellar and Stellarport. These 3 exchanges offer a world-class user-friendly experience in terms of both volume and ease of trading. However, the Stellarport DEX creates a more convenient environment for Litemint users, which is acquired by Litemint on January 2, 2020. For trading CREDIT and all other NFT tokens, visit Stellarport.

With 17,000 mobile installs and 3 pilot games fostering its initial community and showcasing its features, Litemint, a non-custodial, open-source Stellar Wallet, is getting ready to launch its app and game platform powered by decentralized payments and collectible trades.


Why Did Stellar Blockchain Used?

  • Easy to use 
  • Fast and cheaper transactions compared to other chains
  • Easy to create new tokens and NFTs for future rewards and challenges
  • Have lots of high-volume Decentralized Exchange to trade
  • High chance to be active in upcoming future
  • Has a broad community and support


To become updated and not to miss any challenges, please follow Litemint Twitter account and join Discord.

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